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9326 W. Sahara Ste. 4
Las Vegas, NV 89117
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Love hearing about all the good stuff happening. Studio looks extra clean and I’m excited about the rowing clinic Saturday.

It keeps me motivated and striving for splat points! I love knowing where my heart rate it as well, it helps me become more aware of my body. As an athlete, it’s a huge help!

Las Vegas, NV
Strength training as well as Cardio

I have never done a class like this before, I was nervous and scared. The trainer was amazing, she made all of the new comers feel welcome. She answered and questions and if anyone needed to modify a workout she showed us what to do. I signed up as soon as the class was done. I can't to see my changes within my body. [FIRST NAME REMOVED]

Carrollton, TX
I had came in to an earlier class than I had originally signed up for and there was room for me. The front staff was professional and courteous. Coach Monica was fun and was with me the last stretch of a benchmark row. Love the studio!

I like that the workout is intense, it's different every day, and it's an efficient use of my time.

Great instructor!

Me and my wife had a great class with Danielle! All the staff was great! My wife gives 10 as well. And says the 0 was an accident! No problems here!

The coaches were clear with instruction and very motivating. Thank you for being welcoming as this isn’t my home studio!

I like the group dynamic. Encouragement to push past our comfort zone. Music and equipment. The monitoring of our heart rate and easy app platform to track our progress. The new body scan (forgot the name) has been extremely beneficial, the data of my weight mass calculation and muscle with caloric needs was used to accelerate my weight loss journey helping my professional nutritionist place me on the ideal meal plan to support my OTF workouts and weight loss. I like the comradeship in and out of the studio with the many orangetheory groups.

Las Vegas, NV
The entire staff is incredible, the workouts are challenging yet fun, and the atmosphere is great.

Energy and workouts

Redwood City, CA
The dynamic in which the classes are developed. Also, it is important to have a motivating and friendly coach! =)

Missoula, MT
Daniele was a great coach! Thanks!

I Liked how varied the workout was, it was hard enough that my whole body was being taxed hard and the results are going to show it! Hopefully....

It mixes things up and challenges you individually

This was my first time. I liked it but I am older so needed a little more demonstration on ways to pace myself. I was blessed that they had honey sticks on hand and they did not charge me for it because my sugar level dropped into the 40’s. They showed a lot of concern and they cared for me. I felt good about working out. Needed more instruction on the rowing machine. I will come early next time so I can be shown the proper position. The instructor tried to explain while she was teaching but I am still not sure I got it.

I didn’t have a hard time following. Danielle was clear on what I was to do. I enjoyed my workout. Can’t wait for the next one.

The music, the energy and there is no time for me to think about all the reasons I want to get off the tread or rower.

All coaches are great and make you push to get the best out of you.