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200 Quebec Street, Bldg. 700, Unit 101
Denver, CO 80230
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Granted I’ve only been to orange theory once....HOWEVER, I am so excited to go back. I came in thinking I’d just give it a shot and maybe sign up for a few more classes. OH NO. First off, I walked in and was immediately greeted by name (they saw a new person was coming in and recognized that I had never been!! Talk about knowing your clients!) and then got a tour of the gym and a run down about how orange theory works. And then came the class. Holy crap. This is a prime example of a full. Body. Workout. I could feel muscles working that I didn’t even know I had. Also, the variety that was present within the class activities made it so a 60 minute workout (something I haven’t done in years) go by so quickly. The coach was so excited and encouraging throughout, and I even felt no judgement when I straight up laid on the ground to catch my breath because I underestimated just how out of shape I am. After the workout, the coach went through all of my workout stats (from the heart rate monitor they recommend that you wear!) and explained what it all meant. Needless to say, by the end of it I was ready to throw my money at them because I have never felt excited to get back into shape, and now I do!

I just started orange theory and i love it

The workouts are always different. There are a variety of exercises in weight floor that you can do and tailor to your needs. The rowing and treadmill workouts are always a challenge!

Everything...........I cannot think of a workout that is so thorough with wonderful instructors and Lowry's facility is great. Thanks to all, [FIRST NAME REMOVED] Lee

I like that it's fast-pace and intense. I also like the community building.

Englewood, CO
Lots of encouragement from instructor.

Denver, CO
Super good and well lead workout. I felt pumped up and felt like I had extra energy because of everyone's enthusiasm. Also, great music and clear instructions.


The instructor was wonderful.

All of the trainers are very engaging and seem to really care about your health and well-being. The set up of the gym is also my favorite of the various OTF Centers I’ve been to.

Denver, CO


It gives structure and awareness to what you're doing. The system that is set in place always me to work towards a goal.

Mark was absolutely awesome and Reed at the front desk was super helpful too. I travel a lot for work and have been to studios all over the country but this one really stood out to me. The staff was very welcoming and the energy was present even though it was 5am. Great studio!!

Orangetheory workouts are like a high school sport conditioning all over again! But crunched into one hour instead of a 2.5 hour practice. It feels so good to have a hard workout that reminds me of the workouts I use to challenge myself 8+ years ago.

My friend and I go to Lowry on Sundays because of Amy.

Great workout. Really enjoyed the feedback and encouragement throughout from the coach. Staff was great and the setup of the room was way better than what I am used to at my home club.

Dublin, OH
Coach frank was awesome and the studio and staff are amazing!!

Staff and patrons were warm and welcoming on my first visit to the Lowry location! [FIRST NAME REMOVED]

I appreciate that the workout has strength & cardio, it is an hour and everyone is really nice