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12515 Jefferson Ave
Newport News, VA 23602
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Friendly staff w/ large facility

I am really excited about this experience with otf.

Newport news, VA
The variety, great coaches,

Workout plans are tailored to make the most of an hour workout and I don't have to spend additional time and effort researching or building my own workout routines. Coaches are usually well versed in not only the workouts for the day but also the physiological implications of each movement.

I like the structure and variety and that it is fast paced and over in an hour.

Hampton, VA
As a 62 year old grandmother I have participated in many different exercise programs. In 1982, pregnant with my first child, I wanted a drug free birth experience so I decided that muscle strength & breathing could help me accomplish that. And it did. Since then I have worked out regularly (pretty much eaten what I wanted regularly too...haha) but in all those years, OTF has come closest to being the most interesting, motivating & effective I’ve done. I love that no workout is ever the same. The coaches are encouraging & but never ‘in your face’. The staff is largely efficient & professional. I LOVE that they use MUSIC to motivate & coaches to support & encourage! Since the recent unexpected & brutally quick death of my husband of 38 years I just moved to an apartment building with a great gym but IT’S NOT OTF!!! I tell my grown kids that working out on my own, I would never push myself in the very pleasurable & persistent way I’m pushed to exceed at OTF!

Yorktown, VA
I like that it is a mix of cardio and weight training. I was unable to do a push up before joining the OTFNN family and now I can complete a non-knee push up with ease thanks to the program, great coaches and fellow otfers!

Great coach and atmosphere.

Coaches and participants are welcoming and supportive. Workouts are helping me achieve my fitness goals.

Dexter was very personable and made me feel welcome and supported. The studio was not crowded and was very clean and well organized.

Friendly staff and very attentive coach!

Workouts and Coaches are great. Never the same. I have so much more energy after my workout and always look forward to the next. All the girls who run the front desk and very helpful and have great communication skills!

., NA
Great vibe, fun people, very friendly and welcoming. Great coach!

Brighton, MI
I was visiting from Michigan. Dexter was very attentive, paying close attention to form and giving helpful feedback. I love visiting OTF studios all over. Newport News did not disappoint. Thanks for a great workout.

I like how you get what you get pay for. OTF works if you are experienced at working out or just beginning. You work at your own level and build your way up. The coach are very knowledgeable and encouraging. Between the coaches, other members and the pump up music there's enough motivation to keep me going and to come back. It doesn't matter what your goals is OTF can help you reach them.

yorktown, VA
I love the workout. I feel challenged every workout.

Variety of activities the same but different which makes it fun.

Arlington, VA
Everything, very friendly staff and great workout with excellent instructor

Variety, energy

Tailored to individual needs; coaches give insights and advice to assure safety and productive workouts, and the huge sense of being in a community.