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311 University Blvd., Suite 100
Round Rock, TX 78665
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I love that the coach pushed you to do better.

Friendly staff that are willing to help you reach your goal in health and fitness

I love the workout, the coaches are so awesome! But the front desk on the other hand are a mess. 1. They came to me while I was deep in as I was on the treadmill and she scared me, which made my experience on the-well it was a mess. I couldn’t get my rhythm back. 2. When I went to the front after my work out they said I work out more then what I and paying for. I thought it was some so serious! Not payment! They could of waited to talk to me because my workout was so mess-up after the lady came and scared me. So I told them that I was not aware that I was over, so one lady said that it’s ok no charge but your new work out will start again on the 27th I said ok. But when I got home they charge me $18. I have coming here at round Rock ever since they open. This has to change text me or email me but don’t come up to me while I’m on the treadmill or working out. This is the 2nd time they did this for something so miner.

I like the metrics so I can no when my heart rate is up or down and how to adjust my workout. I like the feeling of community in the class.

It changes everyday and challenges me to work harder...

It varies each time, so it’s never the same. It’s a challenging workout with both cardio and weights.

JT, Jen, and June are amazing! They go so far beyond my expectations every time I encounter them. I can honestly say I love going to OTF because I know they will take great care of me and always help me stay motivated. I have referred many of my friends and now they are hooked Too. June, JT, and Jen make Orange Theory University the amazing place it is!

I like how the workout is different every time you attend class, the music is always on point, you can see your stats during the workout & of course our amazing coaches, Jen & JT, that always encourage you to push through to the end. It’s been an awesome experience for my daughter & I so far!

Round Rock, TX
There has been a lot of drama in the studio lately. Not sure why the turnover is so incredibly high, but it makes my time in the studio needlessly stressful. I don’t make it a point to learn the names of the front staff anymore because it is a revolving door. The coach situation has also been volatile and the core coaches I have come to depend on are disappearing with little to no communication from the studio regarding the changes. I’m aware that there are HR and employee specific factors to the equation that I am not privy to, but there seems to be a lot of miss information and “spin” going out to the members. This is frustrating and will result in me going to other studios to work with the coaches I appreciate and respect. I love RR University, but I’m feeling like politics is getting in the way of the customer experience.

Round Rock, TX
From the friendly front desk staff greeting you when you walk in the door to the incredibly motivational coaches I love everything OTF offers me!

I am always raving about OTF workouts! The instructors are so motivating and fun. I love the science behind the workout and tracking my heart rate throughout the class. The hour flies by so fast!

I’m pushed more than I am on my own, I really get a solid workout in every time I go

Loved the high energy, and the music was on point! The instructor was very warm and encouraging. The whole vibe made me feel very comfortable, and I look forward to joining the club!!!

Georgetown, TX
Coaches and ee


I don’t have to plan my workout!

Hutto, TX
I love that I get pushed and almost have a personal trainer every day. Martie and June Bug are amazing. Gorgeous helps all the time too. I love our 4:15 class. We are all so close and question each other when someone misses class. Adrian is my favorite close. I like T.J. and Marks classes too.

Always fun and challenging. The coach is always encouraging.

It’s such a body positive environment. I never walk in there and feel like I’m being judged for where I’m at in my workout journey. I love the enthusiasm of the coaches, especially JT! He motivates me to meet new goals every class and makes working out so fun!! I walk away feeling like I’ve had a successful workout because it incorporates a good amount of cardio and weights.

The variety of each workout.