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749 Broadway Route 1 South
Saugus, MA 01906
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September 13, 2019
Love the variety and coaches. Gym is always clean and staff is great.
September 13, 2019
Alisha Aquilino
I love otf Saugus. At first I was skeptical but it’s way more about the studio then the actual classes. I’ve tried other studios and they just don’t have the same vibe as Saugus. 10/10 would recommend
September 13, 2019
George Dossas
There is a lot I like about Orange Theory. First of all, I love the heart rate monitor and how you know exactly how hard you’re working (or not) secondly every coach I’ve had at OT is motivating, knowledgeable, friendly and they really seem to care and love what they do ! Kudos to: Jim and Jared Kendall Sam, Laura , Mike and Belkis at Saugus Kelli, Kina, Shauna, Jill, Stacey, Willie at Dedham These people have changed my life and body! They need to know that! Oh and special shout out to Dedham front desk. Michele, Jordan, Willie, Brandon You guys make everyone feel special with your energy and exceptional people skills . More Life, George Dossas
September 13, 2019
The coaches are AWESOME and the classes are challenging and push you to be the best you can be!!!
September 11, 2019
Melrose, MA
I love knowing I can get everything done in 60 minutes 3-4 times a week. It makes exercise so much easier! I also like the group atmosphere which forces me to keep up! The coaches are great and always happy and supportive.
September 8, 2019
it was a great workout that combines the motivation and energy of a group work out with individualized goals and activities
September 1, 2019
Roberta Casaletto
Saugus, MA
Quick pace in between each exercise
August 29, 2019
It makes me push myself
August 25, 2019
I really enjoyed being part of OTF however, I was having a hard time managing schedule as I am currently training for a marathon. I always found staff and trainers to be friendly and super helpful. It is a fun place!
August 21, 2019
Michael did a great job and motivated me to my best.
August 18, 2019
I like the combo of cardio and weight training
August 14, 2019
I’m from another studio and staying in this area for a week. Going to a different studio is so easy because it is all run the same way. Sam is a great coach!
August 8, 2019
I love that it's always a different workout. They have been more challenging lately, which is GREAT! The coaches are always helpful, the mix of lifting is good. Our studio is the best. It would be nice if it wasn't freezing in the studio though. I recently worked out at another studio that wasn't so cold, and sweat SO much felt good to not freeze!
August 4, 2019
Intense and will give you the results
August 4, 2019
Debbie Tappan
Revere, MA
Awesome coaches and clean studio. I’ve pushed myself more than I could ever imagined and only because of the motivation of the coaches and other members in the studio. Although still not a fan of the rowing.. I still push myself to do my best at it. You should really reconsider the $12 same day class change. Just seems like you’re unwilling to be flexible in a never ending busy schedule/life of members, who pay a lot of money to be a member. If you change from a non-sold out class to another non-sold out class an hour before, so you can be home for dinner with your kids and not missing bedtime routine you really shouldn’t be penalized for it. I know other members in other studios and they’ve never heard of that change fee. Is it just a Saugus few? I doubt you’ll change it as it’s going to the bottom line but flexibility should be there if needed.
August 3, 2019
OTF gets old! Is always fresh and challenging. Coaches are all awesome and the staff is friendly and helpful. My running speeds are getting faster. Love seeing the calories I’m burning and heart rate in real time. It’s just an awesome feel good workout!
August 1, 2019
Saugus, MA
I love Coach Sam and Tara- they’re exceptional!!!
July 31, 2019
Medford, MA
The trainer Sam was awesome and very motivating!
July 31, 2019
Variety, coaches guidance.
July 31, 2019
Saugus, MA
Great amount of cardio mixed with strength. Good combo. Coaches are motivating