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#86, 993 Fir Street
Sherwood Park, Alberta T8A 4N5
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Sherwood Park, AB
I’ve already brought 3 people to Orangetheory to try the program. So far one has turned into a membership.

Sherwood Park, AB
Intense and only takes an hour

sherwood park, AB
Garett workouts and the instructors have super energy.

Calgary, AB
Splat points + good coaches + heart rate monitoring + now the treadmill data.

Sherwood Park, AB
I like that's its different all the time and it challenges me!

Fort Saskatchewan, AB
The awesome workouts & trainer lead classes. It helps with motivation & all outs pushes to reaching my goals

Sherwood park, AB
Well its only been 2 workouts, but I like the structure of the class.

Sherwood Park, AB
I like the coaches and the music and that the work out is set up for every level of fitness but always encouraging you to push further.

Sherwood Park, AB
The challenge

Sherwood Park, AB
No set up required. Every workout is a guaranteed great workout. It’s what you put into it that counts. You are accountable for how well you do. Motivating coaches that watch how your workout is progressing rather than being in the workout themselves (ie. group classes) and not being able to track participants progress. Nicely individualized!

Edmonon, AB
They're very encouraging, the workouts challeng you and are easy to follow.

Sherwood Park, AB
The Coaches!! You are on the treadmill, 2 minutes left in the hardest workout of your life. Your finger is reaching for the stop button to end the pain. Then you hear Coach Brett's voice calling from the darkness, "DON'T YOU GIVE UP ON ME!". You shake your head look up and there he is pointing at you, "YOU GOT THIS!!". You smile because he's doing some crazy dance. Two minutes later you've finished the best darn workout of your life. LOVE THIS PLACE ❤️

Sherwood Park, AB
I am back!! and I love the classes with Becky and Michelle, always good energy around the studio. Unfortunately I travel a lot for work and can not enjoy always OTF but every time I have a chance I will go to any class in Sherwood Park and why not any other city.

I loved the intensity, and set up

Edmonton, AB
I love the constant motivation, with up beat direction. Our Coach,Michelle is a beautiful and spectacular optimistic coach who is always so happy, upbeat and real. She noticeably has built a bond with many of the people who attend her classes which make it feel very comfortable !! The staff behind the desk are also great! They often greet everyone by first name, which means a lot in customer service ! A great place to be and I have recommended it to others! Thank You !! -Darcy M

Sherwood park, AB
The coaches are very patient I am very uncoordinated and they don't make me feel like I don't belong

Sherwood Park, AB
I truly appreciate all the coaches with their clear instructions and the way they motivate me to work harder.

Sherwood Park, AB
I love the structure and intensity of the work outs and the coaches are great!

Sh. PK, AB
I like that everyone is welcoming and the coaches are happy to modify the workouts for for anyone who needs it.

Sh. Pk., AB
I love how it is different every time. I love the music and the coaches!