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124 Kirk Road
St. Charles, IL 60174
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Saint Charles, IL
Predictable timeframe, great workout in an hour (way harder than you’d do on your own!), fun coaches, spirited other members and a supportive environment that is easy to get to from my home. All good!

I like the constant challenge

North Aurora, IL
Fast paced, guided workouts, friendly/supportive coach and GREAT music!

The instructors are motivating and encouraging and encourage you to push yourself a little harder than you would otherwise. The people are friendly and the facilities are always clean.

The coaches make the challenging workouts so fun and achievable. Keeps you engaged and always pushing to do better!

Geneva, IL
The workout is different everyday. I can come into class and not think “what do I need to work on today”. I show up, listen to my coaches, put in a solid hour work- that kicks my butt- and head back home! I feel accomplished when I leave a workout every single time! I push myself to limits I never knew I could reach! The OTF community is so supportive and strong, it keeps me coming back for me. Every single coach I have ever experienced has been such a positive role model and leader. I drank the OTF koolaid- and it was the best thing I ever did! Coming up on 1 year of 4-5 classes a week. Stronger and healthier than I have ever been. I couldn’t and wouldn’t ever run before this year at OTF, now it’s the first place I start when I arrive because I enjoy it so much!

I love the variety in the workouts. They are challenging, yet you can go at your own pace.

The consistency from location to location. The variety of exercises. The coach! The constant feedback with a heart rate monitor. I didn’t wish there was a little less chaos and who was on one machine. Seem to be a little confusion and I’m sure it was because of the way people sign up for fake strider treadmill and Rohr. Seems to me it could be a little bit more organized and less chaotic as it is in other locations like New Jersey and Orlando.

Couldn’t be a better Studio! I love coming here. I find the male coaches need to speak a little slower and enunciate a bit more—they seem super focused on sounding like game show hosts, and not communicating, LOL!

Nice facility and welcoming staff and coaches

Amazing coaches, staff, and members! I’ve been to a few different studios and I think it’s worth noticing how each person in class is truly giving their all. I am always inspired by the people next to me to add that 0.1, pull harder, and try that next weight. That isn’t accidental—the leadership from coaches and friendly environment from the staff contribute to a safe and positive environment where people want to do more. It means a lot that we celebrate each others successes with birthdays, prs, and even with simply surviving workouts haha. The studio is always clean—it’s nice to not do floor work and end up with salt or black crumbles stuck to me. (Thank you for enforcing the shoe policy!). The rowers are also very consistent in terms of their water level which helps me gauge my progress. STC keep being awesome! Thank you for all you do!

I like that it’s organized & provides opportunity to work so many muscle groups in a one hour session.


Campton Hill, IL
The facility is nice. The staff and members are great!

Batavia, IL
I love working out at Orange Theory. A little over 2 years ago I was struggling emotionally and mentally in my personal life. I decided to join OTF and it by far saved me and helped me to deal with what was going on. I love the coaches , community and classes.

st charles, IL
Love the coaches and love the workouts!

The heart rate monitoring keeps me working hard so not one minute of the workout is wasted!

Coaches are awesome, the workouts are always changing and always challenging

Always a good workout!

st charles, IL
Fast-paced workout w/ changing exercises and coach to help AND push you.