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7490 43rd Street and 4301 Park Blvd
Pinellas Park, FL 33781

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June 27, 2017
Stephanie Le Boeuf
Pinellas Park, FL
1. Personal attention. Michelle and Yuri not only know your name, they will come early, stay late to help you attain your goals. They just ask that you meet them half way... you have to put forth some effort, in other words 2. Team environment- when they can, the trainers work out with the other girls which solidifies the team 3. Weight lifting-it's so fun to get stronger 4. Fitranx- it gives you a chance to constantly have a fitness goal to obtain. Not just the same group fitness class... blah blah blah 5. The location 6. Registering for classes- it makes it way harder to just not go. 7. The group excursions. Although my family schedule is such that it makes it hard to attend them, I love that they are always coming up with fun stuff to do 8. Focus on health and improvement of self. Women of all shapes and sizes, super fit, and working out for the first time the goal with the women at iron belles is to improve. If you would like to work on weight and weightless, great they can/will help, and if you just want to work out, that is fine too! There is no pressure, and there is zero judgement. 9. The other memebers. When you get a bunch of women together, it's not always easy to break in. I never one time felt anything but welcome. The girls were all so nice and helpful.
June 21, 2017
Crystal Harrold
Pinellas Park, FL
I am so grateful that I found Iron Belle studios. Working with Michelle I felt taken seriously, and I liked the whole approach which is really more than just "how can we get rid of that extra pounds" and more of a "how can we change your lifestyle! If your looking to change your life for the better Iron Belle is where you need to be!! Michelle will push you beyond your mental and physical limits and give you the results you want!
June 10, 2017
St. Petersburg, FL
The support and motivation.
June 1, 2017
Pinellas, Park, FL
I love the sense of community and support you feel at Iron Belle!
May 30, 2017
I love that I feel better about myself after joint Iron Belle! I think I will definetly reach all my goals! These girls are great motivators!
May 30, 2017
Elizabeth Hannaman
Kenneth City, FL
So far I like the hands on approach to the exercises and making sure if you aren't able to do the advance moves that there are beginner options. I also enjoy the group support. It's great!
May 25, 2017
Ellen Tompkins
I like the immediate feedback. If something needs to be tweaked to perform better or the diet, Michelle is on it. Michelle is always concerned for our health and well being.
May 24, 2017
upbeat even when I am not, change of activities, 4t min sessions, location, pushing me to meep.goinv
May 24, 2017
Jessina Jessina
Excellent trainer
May 23, 2017
Pinellas Park, FL
I feel like you are committed to this process and dedicated. Not just in it for the $, although we all need that as well.
May 18, 2017
Pinellas Park, FL
101 Attention. Michelle is very honest and upfront.
April 6, 2017
St.petersburg, FL
5am classes!!
March 29, 2017
Colleen Crowley
I especially like how comfortable Michelle has made me feel. I pretty much just picked up and dove in and she has been incredibly supportive and helpful. Many places and trainers do not take the time to really teach and train to properly do each move. I already feel like I belong and this is only day 2 for me.
March 23, 2017
pinellas park, FL
As long as it was the right fit I would very likely recommend. (would have to be a female) and if they want a community to grow strong with and smaller semi-personalized training it's a great fit!!
Response From Performance Fit Bodies
March 28, 2017
We are so please that you leveled up twice! You work hard and play hard we cant wait to see all your accomplishments. Thank you for being a part of our community of women. :)
February 27, 2017
Rebecca Baxter
I love the community that Michelle and all of the girls working out have created! Everyone is super friendly :)
February 6, 2017
Pinellas Park, FL
I like the small group atmosphere. You are always pushed to reach your goal while given the help needed to achieve it!
January 18, 2017
Personal attention and classes can accomodate various performance levels in one class setting.
December 31, 2016
Linda Lare
Pinellas Park, FL
Reliability, Dedication, Motivation, Small Group Sessions, Support, Encouragement, Honesty. The trainers really care and work with everyone to meet individual goals. We are truly a family. This place works if you are willing to listen and want to make changes!
Response From Performance Fit Bodies
January 01, 2017
Thank you Linda! We work hard to ensure everyone succeeds :) We are a great family.
December 20, 2016
Pinellas Park, FL
Personal attention
Response From Performance Fit Bodies
December 23, 2016
Thank You Lorilee! we enjoy having you:)
November 29, 2016
Park Pinellas, FL
Small groups and alot of help perfecting my workout. The trainers are awesome too!