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2737 Mockingbird Lane
Dallas, TX 75235
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The convenience of being able to drop off and pick up our pets at any time All the play times the doggies get The specialized care I get for my senior dog Jinger

Service has been slacking off for 8-12 months; staff have seemed untrained & uninterested. Several times when my dog was there for extended stay, the "free" bath was not done; when I mentioned this to staff they blamed me for having expectations that were too high. I am encouraged that there is new management, and although she's only been in her new role for a few weeks the attitude and desire to do the right thing and respond to customer concerns by actually fixing things is very encouraging.

The service and people that work at Pet Resort Dallas.

Lovely environment. The staff is courteous, friendly and positive. My dog loves coming to Pet Resort Dallas. She is in good hands when she’s there.

Staff is amazing and truly care about the animals, wonderful facility with excellent resources for our small special needs Pekingese Gucci!

Everyone is so nice and loving! I always feel safe leaving my furry friend in their care!

Friendly informative staff, walked me thru everything, pricing, grooming, shots needed etc. filled out all the forms online and was easy drop off. Loved the video feeds where you can see all around the facility, makes you feel better. Really appreciate that they get playtime and not cooped up in a kennel all day and night.

The people who work there all seem to love animals. Our dogs are always excited when they get to go to "The Spa."

Beautiful facility 24 hour staffing

The staff always remember my dog and my dog seems very happy to be there.

The activity with the dogs

There is nothing wrong with your facility, your staff, your pet philosophy, the care you give the dogs, but your pricing is embarrassing because it is so high that I don't mention you if asked. If I had to use you daily, I would not be able to afford your fees. I understand you have a large and wonderful staff and they need to be payed competitive wages/benefits, but if you look at your clientele, they are mostly young to middle age professionals that use you because they make enough money to do so. I have presumed that you have plenty of clients because you don't advertise, and that you have investors that want a sizeable profit, but it takes you out of the range of possibility for most people. It all depends on who you want as your clients and who you answer to. I've been retired for awhile and know when I go on a 15 day trip, even if I do it as frugally as possible (which I do), my biggest expense is boarding my dog. I simply won't be able to do that going forward.

Wonderful caring staff

Convenient, friendly staff

AMAZING customer service. Flexibility, professionalism, quick responsiveness. This is what keeps me coming! Dog also gets very excited when she sees we’re going to daycare

Our dog always seems to enjoy her time at Pet Resort! She gets to play with other dogs multiple times a day, and it seems like the staff really cares about her and the other dogs staying there. I love that I can see her outside on the webcams too!

Everything. Huge, clean space. Very friendly staff that love dogs. Smells good.

Responsive to my dog’s needs; accessible 24/7, remote cameras.

I wish it was less expensive.

The facilities are immaculate and the staff is amazing! Finley loved all of the playtime and was actually worn out.