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157 N Twin Oaks Valley Rd., Ste 132
San Marcos, CA 92069
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Very friendly staff and fun things/toys for the kids to play with while they wait!

Service always on point... Friendly customer service and the shop is always looking fresh 👌

My son didn’t cry for his haircut for the first time in 3 years and he’s an autistic 5 year old and that was amazing.

Love the decor and all the entertainment for kids while waiting. Stylist very professional and up to date with recent styles.

San Marcos
Brenna is absolutely awesome! Need I say more?

Alexis was our stylist and she was AMAZING with our son on his first haircut! So patient and interactive with him. Even stoping a few times to let him speak toddler gibberish to her. 😃 We were so pleased we will definitely be back for future cuts and will refer all of our friends with littles here.

Great service. Quick and kind.

Jenna is great!! She is so sweet.

The stylist’s patience and experience.

What a wonderful job. My son cry’s every time he has to get a haircut. The staff is great and makes him feel comfortable and they work quickly along with talking him through the process. He always feels better.

Always friendly and high quality hair cuts

Our 2.5yr old cant stand the sound of clippers so every time he gets his hair cut it's a battle, this last visit he was not having it, first time ever I had to hold him down in chair on my lap, while my husband helped with his legs or hold his head still, it was a major nightmare for us, however the hair stylist was so patient and worked with us, I was shocked she allowed us to stay as I wanted to up and leave, she made us felt welcomed through the drama, letting us know we are not the only ones with kiddos hating their visits 🤦🏻‍♀️😩 We will be back, even though I dread his tantrum I'm hopeful he will get better. Thank you for being kind and patient as it helps us parents that dread this session every time.

I like how they cut my boys hair. The only thing I dislike is that it’s walk in but not really. When I walk in there’s already people ahead of me that are not there yet. That’s not a walk in system. Other than that love the place. It’s clean big kids get entertained and the hair stylists are amazing.

Brenna is GREAT! She is so good with kids and does a really good job at cutting hair! Super happy with her services and for sure recommending her to friends and family!!!

Alexis is amazing!!! Super patient with my little one.

The stylists are always patient with my son and make the haircut experience so fun and easy for him. Thank you!

Brenna was amazing with my lil guy. She did such a good job!

Perfect place for children. They’re always patient and know how to work through the tantrums and meltdowns. Lots of stuff to do while waiting.

Great cuts and great service.