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April 16, 2019
Scott McIntosh
Hamilton, ON
I would highly recommend Pillar To Post for a home inspection! Mark was very easy to work with and extremely thorough in his inspection. He was very responsive leading up to the home inspection and gave me a detailed report after for my own records. Overall they are a very professional company that I would recommend to everyone!
March 25, 2019
Shawn Larter
Hamilton, ON
I felt that Mark was very knowledgeable and really took the time to explain everything to me. I chose the premium package but was a little apprehensive about the value but am very glad I did. The thermal imaging alone was worth the additional cost. I would recommend Pillar to Post to anyone buying a new home. Thanks again Mark!
March 22, 2019
Dave Hepburn
Grimsby, ON
Mark was very knowledgeable and personable. Enjoyable experience!
March 16, 2019
Chris Algar
Burlington, ON
Very detailed report. Quick response and service. Will use again
March 10, 2019
Burlington, ON
The service was great and we got a thorough review of the place. The onsite printing service was also appreciated as I don't own a printer. We feel like we are moving into a place that we know a great deal of and we also know what to watch out for in the immediate future. Overall very satisfied.
March 9, 2019
Burlington, ON
Knowledgable and thorough.
January 30, 2019
Burlington, ON
Knowledgeable, educative inspector.
January 29, 2019
Mr Ramin Ahmadi & Naghmeh Javan Tabrizi
Burlington, ON
Professional and knowledgeable service
January 17, 2019
Burlington, ON
Honest home inspector
December 22, 2018
Dennis Mahoney-Bruer
Hamilton, ON
Timely and professional!
December 8, 2018
Burlington, ON
mark was great. made the process easily understandable and showed us what exactly he's looking for in each space. he gave us a detailed report on the spot and went through it line for line to assure us nothing was missed. i would definitely use him again
November 30, 2018
Burlington, ON
I recently used this company for purchase of my investment property. Mark was wonderful to work with. He clearly explained the process. He was very thorough with inspection and reporting. I would definitely use this company again. Asad
November 23, 2018
Brantford, ON
Everything was so thorough and detailed, mark was so friendly and amazing. 10/10 would use pillar to post again and recommend to everyone i know! Great experience
November 20, 2018
Rosangela (Rose) Telles
Burlington, ON
Very professional an explained and clarify to us about the problems we are going through in our new place.
October 27, 2018
Bill & Brenda Clarence
Burlington, ON
They were thorough and reviewed everything with me when done. They made the process easy and interesting. Our inspector was friendly and very knowledgable.
October 27, 2018
Burlington, ON
Professional, thorough,
October 13, 2018
Burlington, ON
Mark Farrelly was professional and friendly providing explanation of the inspection details. He was able to arrange the time slot that worked for all.
September 23, 2018
Burlington, ON
Excellent service! A thorough inspection and I would definately recommend for those looking for a home inspection.
September 22, 2018
Hamilton, ON
Mark is very thorough. He takes his time assessing the details of the property, let's you know when he is not sure about anything and walks you through his thought processes as he goes. He is also friendly and patient. We were very pleased with the inspection he did on our house. Melissa
September 19, 2018
Burlington, ON
Mark was very helpful and thorough during the inspection. He was easily able to provide explanations to our questions and tips on how to maintain certain components of the home. I can’t thank Mark enough!