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November 20, 2017
Tampa, FL
Definitely will recommend... they took the time to explain the inspection and findings and made me feel good about my purchase and definitely treated me with respect. Gets a 10 star rating from me. Frances [LAST NAME REMOVED]
November 18, 2017
New Pot Richey, FL
Very professional and friendly
November 14, 2017
Wesley Chapel, FL
That did what had to be done and I good time
November 14, 2017
Tampa, FL
Very professional and informative. I will definitely use them again
October 20, 2017
Gulf Port, FL
The personal attention they take with each client and at each property. Customer service is exceptional from all aspects to getting in touch with the client, to the attention to detail while inspecting the property, to taking the time to review the inspection with feedback in regards to their findings and areas to improve for better efficiency, to follow-up after the reports are generated should clients have additional questions or concerns. [FIRST NAME REMOVED] J
October 20, 2017
Plant City, FL
The inspectors were very thorough. They looked at every possible problem in the house and then gave me a very detailed report, which prioritized everything they found. More importantly, they went through their report with me in a very unhurried way and made sure I knew everything I needed to about the house. I could not ask for better!
October 16, 2017
Tampa, FL
Personnel were courtesy, helpful, patient, and informative. They were open to questions and willing to share their knowledge. They made the process so easy.
October 13, 2017
Dover, FL
Kathy was very nice and informative and I would definitely use her services again or recommend her services.
October 13, 2017
Brandon, FL
Very friendly and gave very helpful information. We learned many things that will make it easier for us to be better informed in our search. We chose not to buy this house. We are still looking so when we need help again I will be looking forward to seeing you. The book and report are wonderful. I have shown it to a couple of people and they were very impressed. Thank you.
October 13, 2017
Riverview, FL
Very detailed on the inspection
September 26, 2017
Tampa, FL
Detailed report. Flexible scheduling.
September 20, 2017
Palm Harbor, FL
The feeling that a honest inspection was done.
September 8, 2017
Tampa, FL
Very professional and responsive to our needs.
September 5, 2017
Tampa, FL
Prompt service and easy to work with. Very professional! Thank you! Meghan
August 22, 2017
Tampa, FL
Thorough and knowledgable team. Very quick and efficient and report was delivered ini less than a day
August 4, 2017
Sun City Center, FL
Extremely thorough. Felt like they had a vested interest in making sure my new purchase was a solid investment.
August 1, 2017
Riverview, FL
Great over all experience. Loved the little binder they included,too.
July 29, 2017
Tampa, FL
Awesome responses and great customer service.
July 25, 2017
Spring Hill, FL
I have waited a month to submit a review, since I am still finishing up unresolved issues with the home. The pillar to post stated that the hot water heater was nearing end of life but was working, what they did not say was that it was already dead. The bottom heating element was dead, the top was barely working, yes you got hot water by running the tap, but only lasted for a couple of minutes then turned cold. Due to age of water heater, and the fact that it needed both elements replaced,it was recommended that I buy a new one, which I did. Three weeks of lukewarm/cold showers until I could get it replaced was not pleasant. One electrical socket was not working. Against a bad gut feeling, I let everyone convince me that a two dollar socket was an easy fix, and since pillar to post had inspected, it would be ok. If the pillar to post person was at all knowledgeable, he would have known that it was a more serious issue than a two dollar socket. After a power surge killed the air conditioner on the third day that I was here, I had to pay for a part to repair it, just to make it last until I am able to replace the unit. Every storm caused a surge that flipped off circuit breakers, Then a power surge killed my power strip and my wireless router, and at this point I called an electrician. He fixed a loose ground wire, also fixed a loose ground wire on the power company side. A good inspector would have suggested having an electrician check things out before I bought. I also had the power company out to check out the meter and the ground. Other things were irritating but fixeable, the missing latch on the sliding glass door turned out to be because the sellers bent the side of the door when removing their cat door. I'm guessing the reason the door catch was gone was to distract from the fact that they bent the frame. I had that fixed too. Again, where was the inspector's inspecting? Everything else was ok, but the fact that I paid in the mid 400s for a good inspection, and they totally missed major issues was demoralizing. It has been a month fraught with stress. No, I would never recommend pillar to post to anyone. Update, the house itself is great, and it's a nice place to live, but it's been expensive, and I would never had paid full price to the sellers had I known the already dead water heater and the electrical issues.
Response From Pillar To Post
August 02, 2017
Hello Judith, Andrew is my employee and I am terribly disappointed that you felt he did not do a good job. Why didn't you contact me to resolve the issues? We could have assisted you even if we were not responsible. We care about people and want to help. I believe we could have resolved your issues on every level. Sincerely, Kathy Reed
July 19, 2017
Dover, FL
The services were very professional and thorough. The representative took time to completely explain the entire home inspection.