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Reisterstown, MD
Their inspectors performed a very thorough inspections. Their reports are easy to follow and understand by buyers. Their inspectors communicate very well with the agents.

Highland, MD
Great Service and Excellent Follow Up!

Baltimore, MD
Inspection was completed in a timely and efficient manner. Rick took the time to discuss any items of interest or concerns with my clients and their opinion of him was high. Pricing is reasonable and scheduling was easy due to the support of the office staff. Everyone involved was professional and courteous. A trait sorely needed in today’s business practices and very much appreciated. I have already begun referring your services to other clients. Thank you.

Mount Airy, MD
Very professional and thorough. Easy access to inspector is very important to our buyers.

Columbia, MD
Prompt, friendly and thorough!

Middle River, MD
It was great to see Rick and to have him do an inspection for my Buyers! He did a great job!

Columbia, MD
Rick is easily my #1 favorite inspector to recommend. He has an unbeatable combination of skill and chill. (Great tag line, too, huh?! SKILL 'n CHILL. You should trademark it). Skill - he knows what the heck he's doing, and does not gloss over flaws. Chill - he's calm as an individual anyway, and he does not create UN-NECESSARY anxiety with home buyers. Too many inspectors have only 1 of these 2 qualities (or, worse, neither). Some are "chill" and also sloppy and "miss" flaws". Some have "skill" and unnecessarily SPOOK buyers. Rick has an awesome combination of both. /s/ John F. Toner PS Rick did NOT pay for this recommendation PPS (Pssst... hey, Rick... where's my 20 bucks?)

Columbia, MD
Many of my buyer clients, and some seller clients have had Highland Home Inspections and Rick Belliveau conduct inspections on their future and/or present homes. They have been exceedingly pleased with the thoroughness of the inspections and the follow-up report. As a real estate practitioner, I continue to be pleased with the thoroughness of the physical inspection that Rick does and the written description of the condition of the report. Rick always takes time to explains the workings of the particular property which helps the client understand the property. Thank you, Rick and Highland Home Inspection for a thorough inspection and attention to the questions and concerns of my clients.

Elkridge, MD
Prompt, helpful, interactive.

Columbia, MD
I love how responsive you all are to unforeseen circumstances. Debbie is a jewel at the front end and the rest of the crew is top notch. Thanks for so many quality years of service. Ann B Boone

Annapolis, MD
Thank you Rick you were awesome!

North Potomac, MD
Always professional and very knowledgeable!

Ellicott City, MD
Very knowledgeable Very thorough inspection Listens to and answers questions

Baltimore, MD
Very knowledgeable home inspectors. Have excellent rapport with the buyers. Explain issues in not alarming way. In few words the best Home Inspectors. Thank you Rick Ana Lucia

Mount Airy, MD
A complete inspection and honest answers to questions.

Fulton, MD
Attention to detail, and answers all questions honestly.

Ashton, MD
I first contacted Highland Home Inspections because, the owner Richard Belliveau, taught a continuing education course on home construction, and I was impressed by his in-depth knowledge and his background in engineering. They do a great job on identifying potential problems but also have solutions. I have used Highland Home Inspections for years and have been happy with their service and approach. I highly recommend them!

Ellicott City, MD
Great, professional service!

Richard was thorough and like everyone at highland he is an expert. He takes the time to explain every function of the home and provides great advice for maintaining and improving the home.

Ellicott City, MD
Great job as always!