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21112 Catawba Avenue
Cornelius, NC 28031
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Well qualified, friendly instructors at a reasonable price. Especially enjoy the adult band program.

Fantastic programs led by an even better director at our location (Cornelius, NC)

My grandson really connects with his instructor and loves the pace at which they work.

This place offers a very positive and supportive energy where people can really develop their musical talent with out drama or judgement. Great place to “grow” musically and socially. We love school of Rock, and we are petty sure that Christian is Jack Black.

Dedication and support. My son LOVES going every week.

I like that School of Rock, Cornelius students are encouraged and taught to play multiple instruments. I also like the SoR format of one-on-one lessons coupled with weekly band rehearsals that culminate in a performance where all the students get a chance to shine on stage. I couldn't be more pleased with my son's transformation, both musically and personally, since joining SoR! The instructors are knowledgable and create an environment where their students learn to love music as much as they do. -Terri D.

Working with a young student on her level and always encouraging her to keep trying to do her best!!

I like the variety of instruments from which kids can choose and the quality of instructors. I does feel like my son's instructor gets changed rather frequently, bit he doesn't seem to mind too much.

School is managed well, instructors are great. Perfect fit for my grandson.

My son is thoroughly enjoying his lessons, learning, not only how to play the drums, but also the bigger picture with how music relates to the world...through math etc!! He absolutely loves School of Rock!!!

We like the flexibility of allowing our daughter to learn songs that she is interested in!

Our three kids have taken instrument lessons (piano, guitar, violin, cello, bass) all over. I like the consistency of having the same instructor at school of rock. Turnover killed interest during the time our son learned guitar. I also like that the instructor caters the lesson to our daughter’s musical interests.

Adult band... but the $3 monthly service charge is completely annoying.

The instructors are very friendly and open to the kids. My kids really look forward to their lesson each week.

Great experience!!

So appreciate the interest and concern for the development of my children to reach their full potential. The variety of music and the students input toward what type of music they might be interested to play, engages the child from the start.

We love the one on one and the way the school is run.

My daughter loves her piano teacher and is still eager to learn after 5 months of lessons.

I have two children enrolled in School of Rock, Cornelius. They are 8 and 10, they both take one on one lessons as well as Band. I think the program is wonderful, educational and fun all at the same time. I can't believe how far they have come. The progress is amazing. All the instructors as well as staff , especially Callie and Eric, Andrew and James who are always a delight to deal with, professionally and understanding of all my needs with scheduling. You will be blown away by the concerts, they are all rock stars!! If your interested in music , this program will not disappoint .

Flexibility with make-up lessons and teacher's feedback