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216 South Grant Street
Denver, CO 80209
(720) 221-6991
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Band directors/instructors are professional and fun - all are musicians outside of SoR. They run lessons & rehearsals on time. They demand a lot from the students and maintain a high bar. We've seen other SoR performance bands and Denver''s performance bands & house band always outperform other schools in the area. They are very connected to the local music / venue scene so performances are always held in authentic live music venues around the city.


The instructors are fantastic, the kids are so talented and driven and the performances are top notch.

My son loves the program!

School of Rock Denver has been such a gift to our lives. My son has had lessons, done summer camps and has been in performance groups since he was seven. School of Rock has given him confidence, pushed him outside of his comfort zone, made him a leader, and instilled in him a deep love of music.

Gives kids exposure to a genre that they might never be exposed to. Working together as a band is a great experience.

Great adjustments with confinement with prove lesson with zoom and meet up with the band. Our son loves the interviews scheduled every day! It is part of his day! Thank you! 😃

I like how it gives students the opportunity to meet other musicians and play live.

The instructors at School of Rock - Denver are great! I often recommend SOR to my friends for their children and for adult students. An excellent program with a friendly, welcoming management team.

You should have had a button for 11!

Good instructors and the shows really allow the kids to be immersed in the rock star life for a while.

I like the group aspect of School of Rock. My son is enrolled in Rock 101 and he knows he will be performing with his band later in the year. I think that has been a great motivator for him.

Very welcoming for all abilities--close location--good instruction

School Of Rock has offered our daughter so much more than just voice skills. Her stage presence transfers to her confidence in many settings and the friendships she has made will surely be strong for many years to come.

Such a fun way to learn music. My son was having issues practicing for another program with just private sessions. The performance group fosters a sense of community and accountability. This makes practicing more important for my child.

The focus on team work and collaboration and the overall quality of instructors at School of Rock Denver. They bring out the best in my children.

School of Rock Denver is the best music school in town. They play at all the best venues and have the best, knowledgeable instructors teaching the kids all they need to know about putting on a great show

We love the one on one lessons, the enthusiasm of the teachers to talk about music and teach music, and how kids lead the way on what they want to learn. I never have to remind my son to practice and he's always excited for his lessons. We're new, so still have not got to the performance band stage, which sounds even more fun. Could not be happier about having a kid at school of rock!

Staff caring about the kids, kids having so much fun, learning all about music in a fun setting

It fosters a feeling of confidence and team work with in the kiddos as they learn. The arts including music are so often overlooked. I appreciate the guidance and experience my daughter is getting. She will carry these memories into adulthood.