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905 University Dr
Fort Worth, TX 76107
(817) 332-7625
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October 13, 2016
The opportunities for the kids to express themselves musically, the speed at which my child has progressed. Such a fun place to learn music.
October 10, 2016
The SOR staff is a fantastic team of musicians with a consistently positive and supportive approach to working with their students as well,as the parents and friends and grandparents of their students. The atmosphere is very welcoming and "chill" and once you sign up the staff goes way beyond to treat everyone like family. I am super impressed by the music that comes out of these kids. As an adult, I decided to join in the fun and take keyboard lessons. I have gained so much knowledge in the few lessons I have had so far and the lesson feed are very competitive. I am a big fan,of the School of Rock. Let's rock on!
October 6, 2016
Lisa Boller
Very well organized
September 30, 2016
Angela Kusin
Dedication of our program director and the teachers.
September 28, 2016
Alli Smith
I love that the staff has bent over backwards to make my kids feel like they fit in and are having a great experience.
September 26, 2016
Everything!! The staff are always ready to help students and their family at anytime! They encourage, support and help dreams come true. The Fort Worth schoool was the best and easiest decision I have ever made for my child. Love that the Fort Worth school has offered an opportunity for the College age kids in the varsity group . That group is amazing . When our children age out this is definitely an opportunity for them to still spread their wings and be part of the music industry. Wish the other schools would offer such amazing program . Don't see us going anywhere for a [LAST NAME REMOVED] time!
August 8, 2016
Zack Wenthe
It's hard to put into words everything we love about SOR. Our daughter has an outlet for her creativity and skill and is surrounded by leaders who are not only musicians but educators. This has provided a safe place for her to grow and learn, build confidence, dig deep, practice grit, and fail safely. We absolutely love our SOR family!
July 28, 2016
Gina Bethencourt
I like the flexibility on the private session times sometime I can make it on the day we are scheduled to go in and the teachers and everyone there are great!
July 14, 2016
The real on stage experience the kids get.The variety of music they are exposed to. The challenges the teachers give the kids.Exposing the kids to other instruments that they may not have considered trying.
July 13, 2016
This program takes pretty shy awkward kids and gives them a place to be social with kids like themselves. And it also just so much fun to see such talented kids.
July 6, 2016
That it is my kids happy place! They have made some of the best friends from there
July 6, 2016
John Ryon
School of Rock in Fort Worth is totally awesome!!
July 4, 2016
The teachers and manager are there for the students to learn and treat the students well!!! They work with each student and meet them on the students' level which helps the students want to learn!!!
June 29, 2016
How excited the kids are about music!
June 27, 2016
The program reaches beyond just music lessons. Teamwork, confidence building and public speaking (performing onstage) are skills everyone needs to for success in any field.
June 27, 2016
All the instructors and staff are top notch! They truly care about all the kids!
June 11, 2016
Angel Krzeminski
Everything your staff your attitudes your equipment and you work ethic. Cason is hooked he never played an instrument or sang prior to this and he was great. Thank you
May 9, 2016
Get kids involved quickly with their talents and interest very professionally run awesome staff!
April 15, 2016
The fact that you guys put the kids out in popular venues to play in the band.
April 14, 2016
Tracy Simmons
All of the students have a chance to perform. The staff is very friendly and accommodating. Plus it's a fun place to learn music. The new Fort Worth SOR has great decor.