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41 Grove Street
New Canaan, CT 6840
(203) 594-7870
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Recent Reviews:

Great communication, always professional, excellent teachers, lots of options.

So much fun!

The community and peer aspect is wonderful for kids of all ages!

The teachers have been exceptional particularly in dealing with my son who has some special needs. I'm so impressed.

I love the process. I like starting from scratch each semester and working towards an awesome show. It’s a very fun and challenging 4 months. Carl does an amazing job of putting the music together and making sure we are challenged but not overwhelmed.

The Teachers are Great! PK

For the short amount of time we were there I like the energy and vibe of SOR. The instructors will kind and authentic.

The instructors are amazing, so patient.

I’ve seen such quick improvement in my son’s guitar playing from the first lesson. It was wonderful to see him on stage playing complicated songs within months of his first lesson. He enjoys it!

We have had a great experience at at SOR! The goal had been to get our son excited about music, and learning to play an instrument. He’s had such a great experience, he now wants to learn a 2nd instrument and learn how to read music and play the piano/keys. Brian has been the perfect fit as an instructor and I can’t say enough about Tracy and how hard she works to make things run smoothly for our family!

I love how they foster a community feel, and how much support there is from the teachers, and friends you meet at the programs. My only piece of constructive advice is that the adult shows in New Canaan, CT have ZERO social media support. No one knows about our shows unless we tell them in person. I would love to have more support from that aspect, because it's so much fun and I want more people to know about it!!!

My son could not be happier with the instruction, band programs and the kids he has met there!

The staff who work with the kids are great and the performances are so well done!

They’re tons of fun and they seem to self select towards friendly folks!

The teachers! Brian is an amazing teacher and inspiration for Nicholas!

Positive environment, good instructors, professional performance space.

Tracy is great with scheduling, and my kids love taking lessons with Icli. The combination lessons & playing in a band is super fun too! Lastly, the kids learn great music!


Exposure to other instruments!

The content is great as well as the teachers. My son loves going to music lessons and considers it fun. I love hearing all the cool new things he’s learning and seeing the kids support each other and work together to achieve a great sound!