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2852 S. Eagle Road
Newtown, PA 18940
(215) 968-7700
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Recent Reviews:

The confidence and skill it has taught my daughter

The variety of music and the increased familiarity with and growth in talent of the participants.

Great way to introduce kids to music and keep them engaged.

Exposure to music my child would have missed out on otherwise. The boost in confidence that comes with performing on stage in front of a crowd. Having fun with friends.

My son has been introduced to music and instruments and he is hooked!!! He comes home very enthusiastic and wanting to practice. I’m enjoying hearing all about his day!

Great staff and program, my son has been attending almost a year and also went to a week of summer camp! Our son loves it and will continue.

My daughter loves School of Rock. She has been going there for the past 3+ years and always leaves wanting more. She began playing guitar and then started vocals this past year. She is now trying out bass guitar and is starting to talk about trying drums. She has always had a love of music but School of Rock has encouraged her to explore that love and take it to new levels. I look back on where my daughter began and see how far she has come and I am in awe of her talent. I believe that School of Rock has played a huge part in developing her talent and skills while also being a place where she feels safe and comfortable to explore new things and challenge herself. Most of all, School of Rock has become a second family for her, full of wonderful teachers and great friends who all share a similar love for music!

I like that you inspire the kids to be the best they can be. This program helped my daughter with her self esteem and confidence. All around great program!

[NAME REMOVED] is learning tree guitar quickly

The SOR paid attention to what I am really interested in and paired me up with an instructor who fits really well with my style and musical interests. Rob Groden is a great teacher and listener!

The emphasis on playing as a group, combined with individual lessons, really rounds out the music education. I like that new students get to play with more experienced students right away. That experience gives them a great model for improvement from the start. Also, playing music that they're passionate about makes all the difference. We've never had to make our son practice, which wasn't the case when he took traditional instrumental lessons.

The program is incredible. The instructors are amazing. The performances are unbelievably good. I cannot day enough good things about Scool of Rock Newtown. My daughter plays keys, bass and drums and couldn’t be happier. This group of kids has become her second family!