School of Rock Roseville

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228 Vernon St.
Roseville, CA 95678
(916) 860-7625
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Our son really loves being a part of Little Wings. He enjoys all the music, creative activities and dancing. We appreciate you all making the class available on zoom during these hard times! It provides an outlet for him to β€œsee” other little buddies, be creative while learning lots and having fun! Colin and Marissa are wonderful teachers that do an awesome job with making the class super enjoyable, interesting and engaging for little guys - no easy feat! Thank you!

Highly, highly organized with a great staff!

Even in this time of shelter in place they make it possible to learn with many different formats. They use zoom, they use band, they gave extra lesson time, they educate you on how to use software and even gave a subscription to download sheet music. 🎢🎹🎼🎡🎸πŸ₯πŸŽ€πŸ‘

My son is so enjoying the program us parents too!! Staff teachers are amazing

Everything! The instructors are so knowledgeable and so friendly. They make sure that they break things down for you to understand so you can improve. We thoroughly enjoy spending time at the School of Rock!

They're well prepared and my daughter enjoys the fun atmosphere when being there.

Great instructors, friendly environment. Love the program

The encouragement and direction given to kids, allowing them to experience live performances in actual venues.

The instructors are extremely knowledgeable and know how to teach!

The teachers and staff are just way awesome. They are very patient, kind and knowledgeable. The programs are flexible and affordable.

SOR is amazing! My son loves Rookies class and his keyboard lesson. Such a great program with great instructors and staff.

Accommodates all ages ranges

I like that it helped my kids build confidence in themselves.

The way the private lessons are connected to the performance group and everything tied together helps create a place where they can not just learn an instrument, but become musicians. My son has been with School of Rock Roseville since they opened 6 months ago and his growth has been extraordinary, as a drummer, as a performer, and personally.

It is a good opportunity for kids to explore music.

It’s Rock everywhere. Not twinkle twinkle little star. Real Rock, with really top of the line equipment and the best staff to show you the way of the β€œRock Star”. Then when your children bring it home and perform personal concerts. Nothing better. My family and I will all be joining. The best fun ever!!!!

Love the staff and the upbeat environment of School of Rock. Our daughter just picked up the guitar for the first time a few months ago and is already playing like a rock star in Performance Band. Such an amazing experience for kids who are not really exposed to music in regular school. We love S of R!!

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I like the method of teaching kids music and music theory by using popular songs and music they like. I've been looking for a teacher that uses this method for years! My daughter is learning both acoustic and electric guitar, and has already become more confident in her beginning skills - thank you!