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1601 Short Street
Fort Wayne, IN 46808
(260) 420-1502
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Recent Reviews:

Fort Wayne, IN
Timely, thorough, considerate, friendly, competent.Could not ask for more.

Wolcottville, IN
Everything. They do an excellent job.

Fort Wayne, IN
All representatives of the company were professional, courteous and customer service oriented. We were inform during the entire process of the costs involved and scheduling of work to be preformed. We would highly recommend this company to everyone.

Fort Wayne, IN
I think Brad Lackey was great. He is customer oriented. We did have issues with the installers of the flooring, but even with that Brad helped.

Fort Wayne, IN
They arrived shortly after the leak occurred. I am certain they saved us from more damage. Extremely professional and I would recommend them to everyone!!!

Fort Wayne, IN
The response was excellent, and the technician was very sensitive to my concerns of securing my home.

Fort Wayne, IN
Brad was on top of the project the whole time with follow up phone calls to getting contractors to my house. Excellent costumer service.

Warsaw, IN
Very knowledgeable and professional. Also very quick and thorough!!

Rome City, IN
Brad has been exceptionally courteous and has stayed in close contact with me regarding our disaster. The team working on my house is efficient and polite. So far, I am pleased with ServiceMaster.

Warsaw, IN
Brad communicates very well, keeping me informed. The crews that have shown up to the house have been very nice and communicate very well.

Columbia City, IN
They were at our house within an hour after being called. Very professional staff and efficient. Explained what they were doing with equipment and followed up on progress.

Fort Wayne, IN
Excellent service!

Fremont, Indiana
ServiceMaster responded promptly and was very easy to work with.

Fort Wayne, IN
They all have been very helpful. I feel like they are very honest and getting things done in a timely manner.

Fort Wayne, Indiana
The people, the pride they took in their work. The speed at which they worked and the way I viewed them as if it were their home they were trying to clean.

Ft. Wayne, IN
Loved the techs, they did a great job in our time of need!

Columbia City, IN
Quick and professional.

Fort Wayne, IN
came in my time of need ASAP also they all were very pleasant very nice and had all the information I needed. Job done neat and complete.

Aubrun, IN
brad is quick, complete, and "saved the day." I had a water loss in my basement five hours after my first child was born. I left the hospital to discover sewage in my basement, and it was a very quick decision to call Brad from Servicemaster. He has been very helpful and has relieved so much stress and handled all of my "crap" in my basement so that I can focus on this new member of my family who just came into this world.

Huntington, IN
They were there very quick. Very nice and kept me informed on what was happening and going to happen