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Everybody body is very friendly and you can’t beat the prices and service .This is my 5th EBike from Sierra EBike

Personal service in a timely manner.

I was given great service by the owner and his son . They answered all my questions about the e bikes so much so that I felt great and bought a scooter from them with out looking for other dealers. I enjoyed the experience.

Excellent service

Sierra E-Bikes gave us top notch service with our e-bikes purchase. Equivalent attention was given both before and after the sale. Before we loaded up our new e-bikes both Andrew (owner with his father Dion) and one of their technicians rode them and made final adjustments. Even more important is honesty. My husband and I are not all that trusting of people or businesses. But Sierra E-Bikes has definitely earned our trust and gratitude. Sierra E-Bikes is an hour from our home in Roseville. But it was well worth the travel time to buy from such a top notch company.

I'm 69 years old and was looking for a smaller electric bike that I could get on and off more easily than the standard size bike I had. I had fallen off my other bike because I just couldn't dismount quickly enough. I had called the store and discussed my problem and they built a bike that they thought would suit my needs. We drove down from Oregon to look at the bike. It was slightly smaller than my other bike but still felt tight to get off of. I was checking out the other bikes in the showroom and saw the ETek bike. It has smaller wheels and more room between the seat and handle bars. I rode it and it just felt right. My confidence was much greater in getting on and off and stopping on this smaller design. It also has very nice features. It has been so much more fun to ride now that I don't worry about falling.

Friendly staff, great selection of fun "toys" for the young and old.

Friendly and attentive service, reasonable prices, good selection.

Andrew and the whole staff are fantastic. They really know their products, there is absolutely no pressure and they are fair. I would highly recommend them if your shopping for an Ebike, worth the trip!!! Thank you

Sierra E-bike has the best selection and the best service around. They are a top notch business.

I felt no pressure ro buy. It took me two visits months apart for me to make a decision. The staff was very patient. They answered all my questions. On my final visit i test drive a scooter and an ebike. I decided on the scooter. Again there was no pressure. I was able to make an informed decision in my own time. Thank you.

Great selection. Friendly interactions. good prices.

The customer service and follow through is stellar.

They will help you find the bike that is best for you

I brought my Surface 600 in for my first complimentary service. The staff was very accommodating, timely, and thorough. The tech called to let me know how to better maintain my chain and I learned to measure the chain to maintain good standing with my warranty. I was amazed at how much more inventory was there than even a few months ago when I purchased my new most favorite addition to my life! Thanks Sierra E-Bike!

My husband and I rented e-bikes over the Thanksgiving holiday. Not only did the owners go above and beyond to make sure we had all the equipment needed (including their bike rack to transport the bikes), but the equipment was in excellent condition and provided a great introduction to e-bikes. We liked the bikes so much we bought one upon returning our rentals, especially because we were so impressed with their customer service. We got a great Black Friday discount, coupled with the cost of our rental put back to our purchase. Dion even threw in a bike lock because it was my husband's birthday. Dion and Andrew know their products and really care that their buyers have a great overall experience. Don't hesitate to check them out, they are the real deal!

The people that work at Sierra Bikes are incredibly friendly and very helpful. I would recommend this shops for any biking needs.

Picked up our two e-bikes from Sierra E-Bike a couple of days ago and couldn't be happier with our new toys! Sierra E-Bikes has many bike choices and educated us on each brand. My husband and I bought two of the same brand but before picking his up, changed his mind and wanted another. Sierra E-Bike made the switch easy and we were still able to get both bikes on time and get riding. Love that we have a local bike shop with such outstanding selection and service here in Penn Valley.

Sierra Ebike is a fantastic source of quality ebikes, but more than that it offers the best customer service of any business I know! Dion and son, Andrew, listen to what your wants and needs are and then suggest multiple bikes that fit your criteria. Then, you are invited to test ride any bike you're interested in around a big parking area and shopping center until you are satisfied and they have answered all your questions. I know about their great customer service because my wife and I purchased ebikes from them 2 years ago and since then, they've been always eager to help or fix or service our ebikes. I just purchased another ebike from them because one just isn't enough! Call Dion or Andrew and they'll make sure you get what you want. Steve Secrest

There’s so much to choose from! Staff is incredibly nice, helpful and low pressure!