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5 Clarence Square 1st Floor
Toronto, ON M5V 1H1
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Toronto, ON
Singer's Edge has been nothing but EXCELLENCE and the BEST EVER!!!!! Everything from the lessons, teachers and the reception staff!! Thank you so much for being awesome!

Toronto, ON
Everyone was super kind and welcoming.

Toronto, ON
Friendly staff, welcoming atmosphere, coaches that are great

Toronto, ON
Super organized,friendly staff,Alvaro is the perfect teacher for yonge children!

Toronto, ON
The teachers are very good and the staff is very polite and kind! The classes are fun and very productive even with 30min only! When I decided for Singer’s Edge I was kind of questioning if 30min would be enough to develop vocal skills, but it does work! I feel like I improved a lot since I started! I have nothing to complain!

Mississauga, ON
The team at Singers Edge is very accommodating and welcoming. Everyone from the front desk to the coaches is incredibly friendly and supportive. I would like to give a brief testimonial on my experience with Matt: Matt has singing down to a science. He really knows his stuff and is able to break it all down for a complete beginner such as myself. He also creates a very comfortable environment to learn in. One of the things that I was worried about as a beginner was what the coaches might be like. I thought I would find myself very intimidated by such experienced singers. With Matt that impression was shattered right from the first lesson. Since then I've had a very positive learning experience, and must say that I am beginning to notice a difference in my singing. At first I was a bit skeptical about testimonials saying they noticed a difference in a matter of weeks, but you really do. I would definitely recommend Matt to anyone who wants to learn to sing!

Toronto, ON
Very friendly and professional staff. Great school !!

etobicoke, ON
Personal Professional Approach!

Toronto, ON
Great !!!!!!!!!

Toronto, ON
I love the high quality of the instructors! And the front desk folk are so great. I’ve never had a remotely negative experience with anyone at SE. Not actually sure how they all manage to be in such good moods all the time. I would absolutely recommend SE to any local aspiring musician. My oooonly complaint (such as it is) is that it can be kind of difficult to work with the lesson change policy. I haven’t missed a lesson due to it so far, but it has been tricky at times to accommodate with the amount of work travel I’m usually doing - though it’s not so much an issue this year, of course. I wonder if it would be possible to have something like two possible cancellations/changes per month instead of one? That last point isn’t a huge deal, just something I’ve been thinking about. :)

Toronto, ON
Love the staff! Everyone is so welcoming, so encouraging, talented and inspirational.

Woodbridge, ON
It is extremely welcoming !

toronto, ON
Great teachers and well organized company. You guys really think about the customer

Toronto, ON
Extremely professional and well run. Tiz is my instructor and he is flat out fantastic. I'm 27 years old and had never sang in front of any audience whatsoever. Not even in the shower if someone else was home. Tiz made made feel extremely comfortable and not only helped me understand what I needed to focus on specifically, but educated me on why. I'm extremely grateful for his approach to coaching and educating. 10/10.

Toronto, ON
Very relaxed and welcoming voice coach, Chris. He's fantastic. I had never sung in front of anyone in my life and he does a good job not reacting and providing kind, honest feedback. As I improve, Chris paces me so I am taking on enough challenge each week to be stretching my comfort but also not setting my sights on unachievable goals. Front desk staff have always been amazing too. Definitely helped me to follow through on my initial leap of faith to contact Singer's Edge.

Tortonto, ON
I love the friendly faces of the receptionist staff. My coach James was 10/10. He taught me amazing techniques from vocal to mental everything, from training my voice to my mind. Helping me to be the very best performer I could. Not only did my talent rise but so did my confidence, I am truly grateful for this experience.

Toronto, ON
Singer's Edge not only pairs you with the best instructor for your singing goals, but also caters to your specific needs. For example, they allowed to freeze my account (which is NOT expensive) during the COVID-19 pandemic until I was financially ready to continue the lessons. Tell me a music school that will do that for you, let alone a gym! Shoutout to Matt D, if you're looking to be a better rock/metal vocalist, he's your guy. I appreciate all the work you guys do and it's always a pleasure learning with you.

Edmonton, AB
Had an amazing time being coached by Michelle, very sweet and knowledgeable !

easy to get...very helpful. organized....Great!

Toronto, ON
Everyone is very friendly. Instructors are very personable and knowledgeable. Very positive. They do everything to help students.