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Stamford, Connecticut
This was our 3rd season with Soccer Shots and we have seen so much progress in our daughter’s skills. We love Coach Maria and she’s doing a wonderful job! She’s so engaging and our daughter has a lot of fun while learning new skills. We will be back in the fall!!

Norwalk, Connecticut
The facility, the coach and the content!

Norwalk, Connecticut
Very efficient and smart

Norwalk, Connecticut
The coaching is great.

Brookfield, Connecticut
We love soccer shots!!! My son is always so excited when it’s soccer at school. And the convenience of having it offered during the chill day is amazing!!! We can’t say enough great things about the coaches and program!!!

New Milford, Connecticut
Coach Sara was great and our son looked forward to soccer every weekend!

Monroe, Connecticut
The practicality of offering sessions at Goddard made our first experience with “extracurricular activities” actually possible. It’s difficult with two full time working parents to be able to get our kids to various activities and events during the day so this was a no-brainer option to take advantage of. We loved the re-cap reports at the end of each week and love the advice to parents because we’re first-timers and need all the direction and help anyone can offer. And we’re a big soccer family so the physical products of a little toddler Jersey and the participation medal at the end was adorable.

Fairfield, Connecticut
Love the coaches and the program builds confidence and skills in the players.

Monroe, Connecticut
My son has taken so much away from this program. I am incredibly impressed. I did not imagine at 3 that he would learn the skills and discipline that he has.The coaches are wonderful!!

Monroe, Connecticut
I love the communication between the program and parents knowing each week what you worked on and the individualized approach. My daughter wouldn’t touch a soccer ball at the start of session and now she talks about and shows how she would kick it! She is just 2.5 years old!

Madison, Connecticut
It was wonderful that you pushed into daycare. It made it so much easier to expose my son to soccer and allow him to decide if he likes it without me or his sister distracting him from the sidelines.

Higganum, Connecticut
I love how the classes are not only super fun but educational in teaching the kids soccer. My daughter loves it and will continue to take the classes!

Oxford, Connecticut
All staff and coaches are wonderful to work with. They were great with the kids. My child looked forward to soccer every week and enjoyed the games and songs that the coaches implemented into soccer.

New Milford, Connecticut
Good instructors for the kids.

Ridgefield, Connecticut
A great focused experience to become introduced to soccer, compared with running wild on a field with no direction like other programs.

Milford, Connecticut
Extremely interactive and doesn’t give up on the kids even when their struggling to follow instructions

Ridgefield, Connecticut
Coach Al was very engaging with the children and they loved seeing him every week!

Naugatuck, Connecticut
I realliy like the communication with the parents since we are not there at class. The email updates describing the kids’ soccers skills and life skills lessons are great talking points with my son.

Wilton, Connecticut
Great program. Our son has loved the programs he’s been in. Very well run. Thanks again!

Oakville, Connecticut
I like that my son felt happy and excited about soccer and that he always came home to tell me what he accomplished. It was both fun with games and educational with actual soccer rules