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1606 Cortez Rd W
Bradenton, FL 34207
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Easy online check in. Friendly Service and great attitude to value everyone’s safety and well-being.

Easy scheduling and quick service.

Spectacular Services

Great friendly stylists who are efficient but never rushed. A grew at combination. The stylists are patient with my children and we each look forward to our MVP days.

Always consistent quality haircuts no matter the location.

Just when I think Adelina couldn't possibly be any better than she's been...I just received the perfect haircut.

Great service

As always Crystal does an amazing job. As long as she's there I'll keep going back

Friendly, quality cut, MVRCK dry paste

Reshel was great.

Super fast cut. Love the fast cool cuts. Can’t stand the hair over my ears lol. Nice work

I clearly asked for a Varsity cut, but the stylist gave me the MVP. She was pleasant, and did a good job, but I didn’t like being up-selled. I will give your business another chance of course, in case it was a simple miscommunication, on my part, but I will be wary.

Very enjoyable experience

Kristina ia a fabulous stylist and a fantastic person

Excellent every time

Clean and tidy store, both employees were professional and friendly. I walked in with no wait.

My experience was positively perfect. No wait, clean, polite, friendly and professional.

haircut was perfect.

I had made reservations at 3:50 pm on Saturday Jan 16th online for me and I tried to add my son as well but wasn’t successful, so I figured if I went down to the shop that they would be able to add him there. When I got there at 4:15 pm (which it said for me to arrive at 4:37 pm) they asked if I made a reservation online and I said yes but I was trying to add my son but was unsuccessful in doing so. The lady that was checking us in said, well it’s really close to closing but we can cut yours and see how much time we have for your son. I said I want my sons hair done too and she just kinda blew me off and asked for us to sit down. When it was time for me they called me back and I got my hair cut. When I was done about 4:50 pm and I asked when the stylist was checking me out about my son and she was like we are too close for closing, I asked is that a no or can you fit him in, she said she couldn’t at this time. I was very frustrated as if they knew they wasn’t going to cut my sons hair, then I would’ve we to another Spots Clips that stays open till 6 so my son could’ve got his hair cut. So on a father and son day out to get our hair cut ended up being a one way event of me getting my hair cut and my son was sad and disappointed that he couldn’t get his hair cut too. He was sad the rest of the day and I had to find another place to take him to get his hair cut. I totally understand about closing times and wanting to leave at a certain time, it when u know u have a family that’s together, you either accept them all or just be up front and say we won’t be able to get all of you in for a cut at the same time today but we can tomorrow for you. But that was never said. I am very disappointed in this. I feel like I should never go back to the Bradenton store on Cortez again and just goto the one on University or find another place to get our hair done. I’m not going to say what you can do to win back my business as that for me to try to win myself over. The question is what can you do to make this right that will make us all happy?

The staff is great.