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8378 S Tamiami Trail
Sarasota, Florida 34238
(941) 702-5451
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Recent Reviews:

We love Mel!

I like the sign in process. I also like the quality of the hair cuts and the additional attention with a shamo and massage

Friendly people

MVP experience

Always a great experience....not just a "hair cut" Love the complimentary VIP and neck trim free between appointments . Great group.

Very friendly and professional. An enjoyable experience and a great haircut, thanks Priscilla😎

Received outstanding service from Heather (haircut and beard trim) to the point that I rearrange my schedule to ensure I am able to time my haircut needs to meet her work schedule.

Melissa is awesome! She's fast and it's always an amazing haircut.

Easy in and out. Friendly.

Just amazing service every single haircut is like a spa that they all know your name

Mel does a great job for me.

I had made an appointment over the phone, got there, only to see i was now bumped back 35 minutes because someone else was taken ahead of me. Without any explanation to me. I waited... And was satisfied with my haircut and stylist. But it's like to understand the purpose of making an appointment that's not kept, and i received no text despite being set up to do so in my account settings.

The lady who cut my , she was super nice to me

All good but make it $20

The haircut itself was good — I appreciated the stylist’s input and attention to detail. I also enjoyed the online check-in experience. The main areas for improvement: I wasn’t asked if I wanted the MVP upgrade — I was considering declining it because I don’t know that it’s worth the cost, but the stylist just started doing it and I didn’t stop her. I may have been convinced, but I think it’s very important to ask the customer. Next, I think the haircuts are quite expensive. I pay less for a haircut at the boutique barber shop that I used to use before moving to this area and am starting to think that sports clips is charging too much.

Quality cut and a little pampering

I like knowing when to show up

I have been a 3.5 year customer of the Sports Clips on Tamiami in Sarasota. I also always check in online. I did so on my last visit and selected one of my three favorite stylist. The app said no wait, so I hustled right down ( 5 minutes). On arrival I was told my stylist had gone to lunch and I would need to wait 30 minutes or use a stylist that was there. I chose to try a new stylist. The stylist informed me she was just covering the store for the day. What a terrible mistake allowing this woman near my hair. As she began to cut my hair, I could tell this was not going well. When I asked her to go a little shorter on top, she apparently pulled out a very short clipper and after the first run over my hair, it was clear that I was going to have no alternative than a complete butch; I mean just short of having my head shaved. This is by no doubt the worst haircut I have had since I was about 10 years old. That's 57 years ago. The worst part is that this haircut cost me 30.00. I think your company owes me at least one free haircut or a reimbursement of my money.

My hair stylist Adina is very good.

The gal that cut my hair did amazing!!