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227 Browns Ln
Louisville, KY 40207
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The service is good. Kathy at the front desk is the best. Always helpful. Will get you the answer if she doesn't know it. The only complaint I have is the food. My sister is not getting enough to eat. I don't believe she gets her bedtime snack. She always calls me to bring her something to eat. She stated that she as and her roommate is always hungry. Some of the things she tells me that is on her tray I wouldn't want either. A lot of the time it is cold. No one wants to warm it up.

Great job getting a handle on the nasty COVID reoccurances!

The staff is very nice and understanding.

Patient, caring staff

Resolve patient issues quickly

My mother was recently transferred

Everyone was wonderful to work with for the short time my mother was there. Makes me wish that she was able to be there for her entire time she required 24 hour care.

onSt. Mathew is an outstanding Care Facility it’s very clean, sanitary and calm atmosphere. I feel the most important and best thing about St. Mathew Care is it’s employees. I can’t think of enough adjectives to describe the care givers and staff. They’re Friendly, Kind, Caring, Understanding, Attentive and I could keep going but most importantly Qualified. People around here make it feel like HOME!

Nurses on the unit. Mrs. Kathy. . Some one needs to answer calls on the weekend.

The staff is very caring, helpful and just awesome. And in just a short period of time that my mother has been there they've helped my her and us immensely. They're very attentive and there if you need them. Thank you!!! Annette Long

I appreciate the fact that they work with me on trying to make sure I see my dad each week. I am really all the family he has and I know he gets lonely

My mother is very happy there

Communication. Have left messages a couple times with no return call.

Caring staff!

The staff at St Mathews Care are very friendly and caring .

Close to home and the staff are great to my dad

The care is quick when there’s a situation that comes up. The staff does extra to help the families to communicate with their loved ones. The nurses communicate with family when there are changes to their loved ones medication or health.

They have been very accommodating in every way. The staff are so friendly and helpful. The care has been excellent

It has become more like a family. The care for the residents has greatly improved.

Nice and attentive workers.