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227 Browns Ln
Louisville, KY 40207
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The Family feel that I get drone most employees

Very nice people who work there

Some The nurse Vicki is a very good nurse and she treats everybody very nice place I will come in her above anybody She comes down at 7 o’clock and do her job well

My name is Jamaica Kitchens and overall my Grandmother's experience has been great. The staff is in contact with me on a regular basis keeping me updated with all of her medical concerns. Everyone here is nice and friendly and my Grandmother loves the food! She's always kept nice and clean and her room as well. Thank you all so much for everything you do for our seniors! We appreciate you all more than you could ever imagine ❤️

The quality care and communication with family

Kind, caring , and interested staff. My Dad is content and clean.

The way you give updates on my love ones care

My mom's likes her residence & so do I. The staff keeps you informed in and on every aspect of the client's care. Friendly staff. Cp

Very easy to work with

You took care of my mom and dad. Now you are taking care of my brother. We have a history. Thanks for being their for my family!

The staff are very kind and helpful in all needs


The service is good. Kathy at the front desk is the best. Always helpful. Will get you the answer if she doesn't know it. The only complaint I have is the food. My sister is not getting enough to eat. I don't believe she gets her bedtime snack. She always calls me to bring her something to eat. She stated that she as and her roommate is always hungry. Some of the things she tells me that is on her tray I wouldn't want either. A lot of the time it is cold. No one wants to warm it up.

Great job getting a handle on the nasty COVID reoccurances!

The staff is very nice and understanding.

Patient, caring staff

Resolve patient issues quickly

My mother was recently transferred

Everyone was wonderful to work with for the short time my mother was there. Makes me wish that she was able to be there for her entire time she required 24 hour care.