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St. Paul, MN 55104
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Recent Reviews:

July 21, 2017
New Brighton, MN
The ability of the instructors I've had in being able to offer modifications to students who have special physical issues and in recommending particular poses or work for helping with physical issues.
July 20, 2017
Saint Paul, MN
I love the simple atmosphere and the wonderful instructors.
July 20, 2017
Accessibility, adaptability to all levels of trainees, variety of classes and times offered, great teacher (at least the one I use!).
July 20, 2017
Roseville, MN
individualized, professional, and kind!
July 19, 2017
Minneapolis, MN
It is just the kind of yoga I was looking for, lots of stretching!
July 19, 2017
Bonnie Weismann
Enjoyed the Vinyasa class with Terri and also the Restorative yoga class with Danielle. Plan on checking out more classes in the coming weeks.
July 18, 2017
Julie Schmit's Sunday morning class
July 17, 2017
Amanda Martin
Captures the true spirit of yoga
July 11, 2017
Jan Weber
St Paul, MN
Convenient, nice studio, variety of classes, but mostly Danielle is a friendly, open minded nurturing woman who is over qualified to do this work. He knowledge of the body and her ability to nurture people in the class ( she gently asks if people would like something to help them feel more comfortable which is the opposite of those who question as if you are doing it wrong) are SUPERLATIVE. She is an exact fit for those who have physical issues, or need to be in a class with a gentle welcoming instructor. She begins by informing people how the class will go, "some people that are signed up may be late but this is an opportunity for you to learn to not be distracted but focus on your breath" which is a lovely way to work with the realities of life.
July 7, 2017
Minneapolis, MN
Bridget and Carlton are fabulous teachers
July 1, 2017
Shauen P L
Carlton was amazing. I went further than I ever have in yoga and left without injury and I'm a beginner.
June 30, 2017
St. Cloud, MN
I so appreciate the knowledge and thoughtfulness of your teachers. Such care is taken with each student and the devotion to the practice is clear. I've taken many yoga classes and my favorite by far have been the ones I've taken with St. Paul Yoga Center.
June 29, 2017
St. Paul, MN
Wonderful atmosphere. Terese is a terrific instructor.
June 26, 2017
Minneapolis, MN
High quality, knowledgeable, experienced instructors.
June 23, 2017
I like the teachers I have worked with. They are knowledgeable and supportive. The focus is on the student and not on selling products.
June 23, 2017
Minneapolis, MN
I love Susan! I like that there are several Iyengar teachers, and the space feels nice. I like the billing options.
June 21, 2017
Wonderful instructor.
June 21, 2017
Woodbury, MN
They are during the morning and several options for those of us who need softer, kinder yoga!
June 20, 2017
St. Paul, MN
The teacher, the location and the Restorative Yoga class which is exactly what I've been looking for.
June 19, 2017
Saint Paul
Susan was a finominal instructor. I'm new to yoga so she was very helpful. I will definitely come back