Susan Sanford

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3300 Monroe Ave, Ste 209
Rochester, NY 14618
(585) 785-2000
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December 16, 2016
Rochester, NY
Susan was very proactive and was very easy to stay in touch with. It seemed as though I was her highest proiority at all times. Also, she was very knowledgeable about the process (of course) and also nuance and details about the homes and landscapes that I, as a first time homebuyer, would never have considered - she made me aware of many possible future pitfalls of this sort of tree or that style roof, or a particular engineering choice made by the homebuilder which allowed me to be far more informed than i otherwise would have been and gave me a greater level of confidence in the shopping stage.
October 12, 2016
Rochester, NY
Sue Sanford was awesome! I'd recommend her to anyone.
September 14, 2016
Fairport, NY
I was very happy with my realtor, Susan Sanford. As a first time buyer, buying a home can be a daunting process, and Susan was able to guide us through all the ins and outs. She was also very helpful in finding others that were needed in the process (attorney, lender, inspector). I would happily recommend her to others . . . in fact, I already have done that!
July 10, 2016
Irondequoit, NY
I enjoyed her working with me. She is sweet!!