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Anderson, SC 29621
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Manhattan Beach, CA
Amazing teaching, empathy Great people Could not do enough to help and work with my son, James Deeply grateful!

I love that my student enjoys her classes. She is doing well and never dreads getting up early on Saturday to go to her classes for 2 hours every Saturday. She enjoys her time with each teacher working with her. Thanks Sylvan!

They have really helped my child in both academics and self esteem.

Very easy to work with.

Easley, SC
My daughter has progressed 3 grades in reading and almost on grade level for math. Staff is very positive and helpful and encouraging to all the students.

Competent help and flexible scheduling

Anderson, SC
I am seeing Improved grades and my child enjoys going there.

one on one.friendly teachersmixed with fun keeps kids on track

Specialized for each students needs

I was able to talk to someone personally about MY stepdaughter strengths and weaknesses and what educational issues needed to be personally addressed.

I am impressed with my daughter's confidence level. It appears that she enjoy the sessions and earning the tokens. The first 3 weeks has went well.

Sylvan has been very supportive with my child's needs and has greatly improved her grades and confidence. I am very grateful for Sylvan's teachers. They are wonderful and the director has gone above and beyond her responsibilities. We would recommend Sylvan to any student who needs help with grades or confidence. We look forward with working with Sylvan in the future to assure our children's success.

the friendly and caring instructors. Everyone has been very helpful with my granddaughter who is already showing improvement in her study skills and het school work has improved greatly. The person that did the evaluation was excellent and was able to pinpoint problems that we had already suspected. Koressa Arneson has met with her teachers at her school and is working with the feedback from her teachers and has really seemed to form a team plan to help my granddaughter in many areas.

Anderson, SC
My daughter came to Sylvan in December a full 2 grade levels behind in reading. By March not only had she improved, but she had completely caught up with her classmates. She loves going to tutoring and actively participates in her sessions each and every day. She has gotten so much more confident since beginning at Sylvan, I really don't know what we would have done without them!

The instructors are conscientious and have increased my child's confidence. I highly recommend their service.

Very easy to deal with, and my son's act score has gone up 3 points so far.

we really enjoyed our experience at sylvan but wish it was more affordable

Sylvan of Anderson is very flexible with the hours available for classes. They also have incorporated my grandson's summer assignments from school into his program. This has been a great help. I can see his self confidence increasing each week. I could not help him with the new math and he needed study skills now that he is in middle school. I wasn't able to help him anymore but Sylvan is giving him the help he needs.

Anderson, SC
Friendly and caring staff.

Anderson, SC
They are truly amazing with my child with every secession!