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Suffolk, VA 23435
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Tutoring is very specific to each child. Staff is always helpful and willing to go the extra step Our granddaughter loves to go there and is showing improvement in her grades and confidence from the extra one on one attention. I feel this is the best thing we could give her. Seeing her confidence improve is priceless. We are so grateful to Sylvan teachers and staff. Thank you for what you do Sincerely Cummings family

Friendly staff and attentive teachers.

My son is growing more confident. Better yet, he is growing more curious. He is seeking out more math practice at home as he is finally enjoying himself and feeling like he can learn it!

My daughter is gaining so much confidence after enrolling in your program.

Everyone is nice and helpful.

I love how the teachers are so into the kids. I like how their happiness is contagious and the kids are excited that they've accomplished a new area. I held off using Sylvan and I really wish I would have put my kids into Sylvan tutoring sooner. My kids are learning faster and strengthening any weak areas.

Convenience, use of positive reinforcement, and my child looks forward to the sessions.

The amazing tutors!

Suffolk, VA
Sylvan has been great for my kids. They have learned so much from the tutors and always leave in a really good mood and feeling confident in math, reading & writing. I love how flexible Sylvan has been to accommodate our busy schedule. They always start on time and end on time so they are very reliable.

Everything has been great. Very accommodating and doing the extra. Greatly appreciated.

THey are flexible. My daughter likes that she is getting what she needs to help her! That is most important to us!

My son's test scores went up, and the staff was very nice and flexibler!!

we have asked for help for our children and they have helped us we still have little time in the teaching center but we believe that it is very good.

Location Friendly and Knowledgeable Staff Routine Progress Reports Communication between Sylvan Staff and School Teachers of Student Incentive Rewards for Students

This service is expensive, but it is worth it. My child’s math results allows me to appreciate this service. Your staff rocks!

Suffolk, VA
My daughter is excited about learning again!

a break from the mundane teachings of the classroom, and they reinforce STEM skills that I desire for my kids to engage in.

The way the staff and management encourage and motivate the kid's to learn.

Teaching strategies