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12887 Mountain Ave.
Chino, California 91710
(909) 203-7509
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Chino, CA
Very accommodating to scheduling. Works well with students.

Eastvale, CA
Very easy to communicate with about my child's progress and best of all, she loves it!

Ontario, CA
A mi hija le encanta ir a sus clases

Ontario, CA
My daughter has been going for a month and has more interest in school. She loves learning.

Chino, CA
My son has not been going for very long but we've already seen some progress and he has had such a huge boost in his confidence. I'm so happy we chose Sylvan compared to other local places. The staff are very caring and welcoming. I contacted several other learning service providers and no one would want me to come in for an in person consultation and would simply give me an outrageous price over the phone. When I contacted Sylvan, I was able to set up an in person visit to see where my child will be learning and feel out the staff, who in my opinion, showed she loves what she does and was very kind towards the kids. My son loves going there and leaves with a smile every day. I can't wait to see his progress a few months from now.

My daughter loves going to Sylvan in chino. She enjoys her tutoring and experience there.

I like the one on one attention we are getting during this stay at home period.

Chino, CA
We are really excited about our daughter’s success.

Ontario, CA
The tutors are great! My son really likes working with them. The program also works well for my son. As a parent, I like the monthly progress appointments even though I discuss the sessions with my son. Thank you, Sylvan!

The communication after every session was awesome!

Chino, CA
Kids love it ! They are learning and having fun at the same time

How comfortable the teacher makes my son feel is most important. He does not feel pressured they make learning so easy and simple. He was failing the math test he was taking at school last year. He felt lost in his math class last year (2018). Now (2019) he feels that he is part of the class and understands what the teacher is teaching. He has taken so far this year two big test and has passed them with and average of 89%. Has your assistance made a difference in his math life, nos question about it. Thank you for your help.

Ontario, CA
The staff are friendly and knowledgeable. My son enjoys his sessions.

Chino Hills, CA
Very friendly and kind staff. My son has shown drastic improvement within the first month.

Consistency in tutors.

The quick improvement in ny daughters learning. The staff is very friendly, at least the ones I have spoken to.

Chino, CA
I like sylvan because you can see progress in students academic

Chino, CA
I love that the staff, is very kind and patient with the kids. Also it is awesome that we have conference every month to see where our child stands. If your child is struggling don't think over sylvan will make the difference.

Chino, CA
It is really helping my nephew succeed in school

Chino, CA
I like that they care about the students. My son is very happy.