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Houston, Texas 77095
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Very good teachers and very effective support. 100% recomended.

Unincorporated, TX
We haven't been with Sylvan that long but my daughter has done great the little amount of time we've been signed up. The tutors and instructors are amazing and so welcoming

The staff and facilities are terrific. Communications are open and frequent with the Directors. Teachers are attentive and supportive. The location and hours are accommodating. Thanks to everyone for all they do with and for my student!

Very effective Tutoring programs.

Great service and team. We really appreciate what you did for us and our daughter.

Cypress, TX
I love how amazing and patient and caring the instructors are.everyone there always seems to really care

I love the way my daughter is taught and they way they make her free!

Cypress, TX
Miss Natalie is an excellent counselor! Found Antonio is very tutor..I found it excellent center.

The team has been wonderful and very easy to communicate with. Our 16 year old son has made many goals to better himself and is well on his way to achieving them.

The directors and tutors are the best.

I love the friendly staff and their willingness to work with adults students. I originally reached out to another location that is closer to my home, but it was clear to me the manager was reluctant to work with adults students. His comment, "I don't know if we can help you". This was a comment during a phone conversation without an evaluation. I would not recommend that location, but think and speak highly of the Cypress location.

The personal learning experience

Cypress, TX
Love everything about the Sylvan my daughter has been attending since 2015. My daughter makes great grades now.

Houston, TX
Still too early to talk, a waiting for student's response in class tests. So far satisfied with , how the student's description about the class.

The teachers and staff are very kind, helpful, and patient. My son has made good progress since attending Sylvan. He gets the help he needs and the teachers try to help him stay on track to ensure he understands the lessons.

Houston, TX
My son was able to pass STAAR after Sylvan!

My daughter was in 3rd grade and struggled with reading. Her reading scores put her into 1st/2nd grade level fluency. Within 3 months at Sylvan, she was on a 3rd grade level and passed her STAAR test with better than state, district and campus averages! She is now at a 4.2 grade level reader and has another month before starting 4th grade! The extra boost will be so helpful this fall! Her confidence and endurance to read longer has increased dramatically. I’m so impressed with Sylvan and we are so grateful for helping us instill the gift of reading to our daughter!

Houston, TX
it helped my daughter get through calculus in senior year

I have had a good experience and have share that with other parents I know. I believe one of my friend had your office test her daughter Lauren Nuygen . Natalie was looking for help for Lauren and I told her to stop by your office.