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Pattonsburg, MO
When I first called Sylvan in September at the beginning of our journey with our son I was immediately impressed by how reassuring, compassionate, and understanding my first phone call was. Now with being almost 8 weeks into our journey with them I am very pleased with their ability to show us measurable victories for our son! The willingness to communicate and advocate for our Child is so reassuring as parents.

Platte City, MO
Sam tells me he wants to use highlighters and take notes to learn better at school. He never had this interest before. I feel like he is applying the things he is learning from Slyvan at school.

Kansas City, MO
My little one caught up so fast within two months; that not only did he achieve beyond his academics. His self-esteem towards school life and testing leaves no words a mother and father can sat just a beautiful feeling all thanks to Sylvan learning center.

I am pleased with her Learning experience

Kansas City, MO
Hard working instructors and a friendly learning environment. The director also takes time with families and addresses needs on a constant basis!

Savannah, MO
Our son is a freshman and has an IEP. We have asked our district for help and tutors with no luck. We felt he was not getting the help he needed. He was upset we set up the appointment. He felt like it was a waste of money he was stupid and if school did not work why would this program? After the first 3 sessions he was excited and felt better about the whole process. We are in the middle of the process and we are seeing a huge improvement!!

Kansas City, MO
My son who was apprehensive about starting math online has excelled since working with sylvan.

Kansas City, MO
Amazing how they have helped my son! I would highly recommend them to anyone needing some extra help for their child!

Kansas City, MO
I love the teachers they are a perfect fit for my DJ and he is gaining more self confidence with every week thanks a lot for building

Parkville, MO
Seeing improvement after 22 sessions. A Confidence and enthusiasm to learn.

Kansas City, MO
The staff was great and friendly!

Kansas City, MO
I could tell a difference after two days of Kiley going to Sylvan. She looked like such a relief was lifted off her shoulders.

Kansas City, MO
The center in Gladstone(especially Barbara) has helped us out so much through the Covid experience. I don't feel like we were getting major support from virtual learning through our grade school. My kindergartener was already a part of the center before the pandemic. I even signed up my third grader during the pandemic because of the support that was given. Thank you!

Kansas City, MO
Sylvan lived up to its commitment to raise our son’s Geometry grade. Now we have come back for ACT prep. Worth every penny.

Kansas City, MO
The commitment to making my child better, not telling me what I wanna hear. But backing up what you say with the results! My child has the confidence now that should've been there all along. Sometimes it takes the right people to get you over the hump, that's what Sylvan did for my daughter. Amazing staff that care.

Kansas City, MO
Our child seems to thrive with the one-on-one direction. The transition to online learning has worked well for us.

North Kansas City, MO
Has really helped my son with his academics

Kansas City, MO
I like the fact that my son likes it.

Liberty, MO
Everyone was very kind!

Kansas City, MO