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Swansboro, NC
Very helpful for math tutoring!

Friendly staff eager to help

very professional

Staff are kind and truly show interest in your child's learning while giving them a functional and wholesome learning environment. They make learning fun all the while teaching them skills to work independently as well as with a group of peers. They tailor the lessons to suit the child without detracting from the needed support i.e my son is there to bolster his Language Arts program however likes to work on cursive so they have adapted his lesson plan to include not only manuscript but cursive writing as well.

The small groups are great and provide more individual learning that can not be provided in the public school system. I also like that the program "works!" It feels like money well spent when I sit and listen to my grandson read a book that he typically would leave sitting on the shelf.

Your satellite site in Swansboro makes it possible for us to use your services. Autumn’s dedication and resourcefulness has made a real difference in our granddaughter’s progress.

The communication line keeping me abreast on everything.

I love the way my child's program is custom fit to him. He is doing very well and enjoying his time with Sylvan of Jacksonville.

I love thief program and how they take their time with my son and provide him the skills he will need for school.

Maysville, NC
Awesome learning experience for my son!!!

Convenient and student likes attending. Feels more confident and excited to see improvement.

I Love the flexibility! I also Love the attentiveness to my child and his specific needs!

I love Sylvan! My child was making Cs and Ds. She is now making As and Bs and is in honors classes. Would highly recommend them!

I currently use the homework assistance program to help my daughter with high school math. She is more confident with her math skills since joining Sylvan. She no longer struggles with math at home.

Tarawa Terrace, NC
1. I love how the Sylvan coordinators take serious efforts in developing a plans that works best for my children. 2. I love how the Sylvan staff is flexible in making adjustments to make the sessions effective and time used wisely. 3. I love the monthly parent conference meeting to review their progress and remind me of services that we can take advantage of if we are not currently using it. For example, the online Algaebra Edge supplemental practice site, upcoming deals, and new seasonal programs. 4. I love the staff was willing to place my child with the tutors they enjoyed the most as often as they could. 5. I love the tangible incentives/prizes they offer for accomplishments. 6. Love the clean environment and that the door is locked to where the students are. 7. I love that i can see my kids as they are being tutored. I don't have to worry about pedifiles. 8. I also like how they have "student of the month" to keep the kids encouraged. 9. Love that they start and end on time. It is RARE that they go over on time. Usually only about 2-3 minutes.

Richlands, NC
The advisor's are patient and understanding. They work hard to make sure that my daughter understands.

Stella, NC
The teachers are very knowledgable and kind! My daughter feels completely at ease and confident when she is working with them.

Tarawa Terrace, NC

Jacksonville, NC
Professional service. The tutors keep the children on task and the lessons are tailored to what each student needs.

I love how friendly everyone is and the flexibility of scheduling. So far, my son has really enjoyed his time with Sylvan.