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Lansing, Michigan 48912
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DeWitt, MI
Mindi has been an awesome gift to our family. She genuinely cares about the work she does and the success of those under her guidance. She goes above and beyond and is always available when we need her help. I can't say enough good things about Mindi and we are so grateful for her caring and supportive ways. She is, by far, our guardian angel.

Got us in right away. My child looks forward to attending her weekly appointment.

Williamston, MI
Liam has really enjoyed going to Sylvan. I think it is definitely helping him getting back on track after the COVID year all kids experienced.

We haven't been able to attend many sessions yet, but we are already seeing progress in our grandchildren.

My grandson was very comfortable

Flint, MI
My son is a tough cookie to Crack. He's highly intelligent but twice as stubborn. Everyone with Sylvan has been so patient and kind in figuring out new ways to get him to show what he knows. I'm forever grateful for all they've done.

Lansing, MI
Sylvan’s truly cares! They Attended my IEP meeting for my daughter. Reading exceeded her goals and scores at school. I’m satisfied. Plus, the price is lower than 2 of my previous tutor institutions.

Grand Ledge, MI
The people have helped our son academically

Lansing, MI
My daughter feels comfortable with all the teachers.

They have been very flexible with me and trying to get my son excelling at school.

Williamston, MI
My daughter has so much more confidence in her math abilities since she has been attending sessions at Sylvan.

Lansing, MI

East Lansing, MI
We have had a great experience! Very accommodating. My son feels at ease with the teachers and is doing well with the lessons.

Eaton Rapids, MI
My son has gotten behind in math over the last few years. With each new session he has with Sylvan, he's having 'Aha' moments as he gains understanding of the processes he missed during the school year. We see his attitude about the approaching school year get more and more positive. He no longer has a sense of dread about his math lessons.

Grand Ledge, MI
My kids love the teachers and love the reward system!!

Lansing, MI
My daughter loves attending! She is always in a good mood heading in and leaving from each session. She feels cared for and she's given the space to make mistakes and grow. Her confidence is building with each session.

Lansing, MI
We love it here and the teachers! And Jennifer is amazing and so helpful

Ithaca, MI
Sylvan has given my daughter confidence and the ability to think through her math problems. I would highly recommend their staff and facility to anyone. Their virtual learning is wonderful as well! Leslie Siefka

Our grandsons’ needed in person learning. On line instruction is difficult since their Mom eorks at home gif 12 hour shifts with UIA. Their Dad works nights for UPS! They have a baby sister, Journey who is 15 months old. Their parents are stretched thin. My husband and I immediately knew to turn to Sylvan! We used their services for our daughter (their Mom) 30 years ago! So enrolling our grandsons was a no brained! They get to ask questions about their assignments and concepts that they do not understand. I feel their excitement when they talk about Sylvan. Julius, our 11 year old, expressed he was reviewing what he already knew. I explained that his tutor was just evaluating what he already knew but assured him he would be challenged. Sylvan did not disappoint! He is excited to learn! Jayden, who is 8 years old, needed help with reading! He was behind in 1st grade, so 2nd grade was very challenging! Jayden is gaining confidence as he reads aloud at home! We owe his increased reading skills to Sylvan Learning Center! I’m grateful for the opportunity to support our grandsons at such a difficult time!

Holt, MI
Always friendly faces, communication is great