Sylvan of Leesburg

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1608 Village Market Blvd SE #100
Leesburg, VA 20175
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My grandson attends Sylvan and he doing much better in school. He really enjoys Sylvan and his grades have improved. thank you!!!

Leesburg, VA
It provides the right level of tutoring needed by our kids.

Sylvan has very friendly staff and flexible when scheduling sessions with students. Thank you Mike and Japh.

Our family loves Sylvan. When our daughter first began her school scores were way below average. She couldn’t read. Her confidence was at a zero and she would constantly complain she didn’t feel well and couldn’t go to school. I knew something was wrong and I couldn’t help her on my own. My brother went to Sylvan 20+ years ago and my mom swore by Sylvan. So we made the decision to sign her up. The convenient hours make it easy for us parents to work and still take her to Sylvan. The teachers are absolutely fantastic and the owners are the absolute most kind people. Everyone remembers your name and your story. The teachers learned how to engage our daughter and keep her interested. It took them zero time to learn what makes her work best and to focus on where she needs help. They know how to redirect her and shape her love of learning. Since beginning Sylvan my child has not missed a day of school and waking her up in the morning isn’t a fight at all. She never complains about good no to Sylvan, in fact she cry’s when they’re closed for weather reasons. My daughter has gone from not being able to read and hating school to earning the principals award for most improvement in writing. My daughter attempts to spell things out and reads to me now and I firmly believe if it wasn’t for Sylvan and their love for learning and my daughter we would be in a totally different place. I am forever greatful to Sylvan and how they have changed my daughters life! If I had to make the decision again, I would always choose Sylvan!!

Centreville, VA
Staff are great. They really care!