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12150 E 96th St N Suite 108
Owasso, Oklahoma 74055
(918) 274-0700
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Recent Reviews:

They are helping my child to learn and making it fun while hes learning.

Very understanding!

I really like the way that you all enjoy the children and enjoy your job

I like how you are helping my daughter to get more confident in her math skills

Both my son and daughter have only been tutoring with Slyvan for only a couple of weeks. So far so good. I can't wait to see what the next several weeks/months have in store for them and their learning. Thank you to everyone who helps my son and daughter reach their goals in reading and math. Thank you also to Epic for providing tutoring through Slyvan at no extra cost. If they did not provide this at no extra cost I would not be able to have my son and daughter partake in reading and math tutoring. Thank you, Julie Padilla

My kids love coming to Sylvan. They’re learning lots!!!!

Would like to schedule a regular time for Caiden & Micah Pipkins. Not on Mondays. Please call [NAME REMOVED] @ [PHONE NUMBER REMOVED]. Thanks. Paula [LAST NAME REMOVED]

There is usually one teacher to two students so my daughter gets individualized help for her homework. She is gaining a better understanding of her geometry lessons.

Great ACT prep!

Miguel has progressed so much in his reading and math skills. The teacher has really been impressed on how far he has come in a short time.

My child is learning and enjoying learning.

Skiatook, OK
One on one help & kind staff

Sylvan tutors take them time focus on what my child is struggling with at any given appointment.

They have been great with my son and he has excelled with their curriculum.

Claremore, OK
How they work well with the kids. They listen to my concerns about the kids learning.

Customer-friendly and very user friendly!

Tulsa, OK
My daughter hates math but the Tudor has made it fun for her.

Tulsa, OK
I love the positive caring atmosphere

Very good with all kid types