Sylvan of Regina

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3125 J Woodhams Drive East
Regina, Saskatchewan S4V 2R5
(306) 757-7323
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Recent Reviews:

My son likes it. I see he is getting better @ the class.

Personal, tailored and my child has a great time learning

Spring Valley, SK
The staff is amazing. Very helpful and caring. They do a great job engaging the kids.

Regina, SK
I like that they have to master the skill before moving on. That way they are building and not creating holes in their learning.

Regina, SK
Taylor made to my child, friendly and approachable staff, excellent communication.

My 3 children actually enjoy going to learn. They like their instructors and an hour of intense learning flies by. I love that they get into the car excited to tell me about what they are learning.

Kipling, SK
They are able to adapt to the kids learning needs to get the most out of each learning session

The atmosphere is very welcoming, relaxing for the kids. The instructors are all very professional and the lessons flow very well.Kids know what is expected of them.

Easy to book times fir our kid which are convenient for us.

Regina, SK
The teachers are very friendly and it’s helping my daughter to learn well.

Regina, SK
Teachers are so professional and capable!

I like that my child loves going to Sylvan and learning.

Regina, SK
When it’s not a fight for my son to go to Sylvan classes and do work. That is a great reward. But when what he learns and improves with at Sylvan provides him with confidence in the classroom. That is the best reward. Gaining knowledge and confidence.

Pilot Butte, SK
Our son has felt very comfortable and has had great success so far.

Regina, SK

Regina, SK
The staff is fantastic. Very caring, understanding and take their time with the students. Knowledgeable!!

Weyburn, SK
It's a more tailored approach to the students needs

Regina, SK
My son loves going. Once he completes his tutoring he feels happy and accomplished. He enjoys learning new ideas about his learning. The staff and friendly and very easy to work with. We have enjoyed our experience so far. Thanks Sylvan!!!

Regina, SK
Teachers are fantastic. This is the first time my child has looked forward to math!!

Regina, SK
I liked how the communication channels are set up and the process with the initial assessment, and then meeting with someone after every 12th class to get an update. I also like how flexible they are if you know in advance that you need to miss sessions.