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My son Scott has been with Sylvan since 4th grade. He is now a senior in high school. Sylvan provides the support services Scott needs to thrive in school. The teachers at Sylvan are very seasoned and understand issues of ASD and ADHD. Sylvan provides a nurturing environment for all kinds of learners. Their technology-based assessment tests help pinpoint exactly where a child stands in reading, writing, and math. I highly recommend checking them out! Julia Kitay

Pittsburg, CA
My daughter loves her classes and the staff is very nice. I am seeing some improvement in her reading skills.

Pittsburg, CA
We are very much happy even if we're just in sylvan for about 2months.

Walnut Creek, CA
Friendly and knowledgeable teachers with great ability to connect with our kids in a different way. They spark curiosity and engage in a way that excites our kids to keep coming back for more.

Our son loves it and is growing stronger each week in his language arts.

Fabulous support!

Walnut Creek, CA
I have been very pleased with our experience at Sylvan, Walnut Creek. Our daughter has gained better confidence in her abilities in her math classroom.

Walnut Creek
My daughter Subhana absolutely loves it here. We started with Sylvan Learning right before she started kindergarten as I was worried she was not going to be at the same level as the kids in her class. She struggled a lot with her alphabets and had troubled writing. Within a few weeks, she improved a lot. Her teacher from school even asked me if there was anything different we were doing at home. Her teacher again had another conference meeting with me and said that not only she has improved academically but she is eager to learn even if she don’t know something. She is very confident to ask questions, and participate in class. My daughter Subhana is always eager to go to her tutoring and shows so much excitement because she knows she is learning and it’s helping her confidence. I also want to mention, the staff at Sylvan is so amazing and are always willing to work with me when it comes to scheduling, vacation and etc. Nina is so sweet, and is really on top of everything. Sylvan staff also ensures the safety of my child. We hope to continue her tutoring here at Sylvan as long as we can. It has been extremely helpful and fun for my daughter.

Our daughter fell very far behind during the COVID school at home. Sylvan was excellent at assessing her current level and starting her from there. Thanks to Sylvan teachers, she has progressed at a rate that is above our expectations and now loves math.

Walnut Creek, CA
My son loves it and asked to go every day!

Both of my kids enjoy going to Sylvan. It’s great that they are excited about learning!! We have noticed a positive difference in them since they started the program. [FIRST NAME REMOVED]

My daughter (a senior in high school) has been attending sylvan now for a month and a half for tutoring for her pre calculus class. It’s been exceptional, she understands it and her grade in the class is a solid A- to a B . She is confident going into tests and has cut Asher time in half for homework.

Walnut Creek, CA
My kids are enjoying the program very much.

Antioch, CA
Staff is friendly and helpful. Son has fun with teachers.

Walnut Creek, CA
Great program, but I needed to prod them a bit to move a little faster from reviewing punctuation to teaching reading comprehension for my teenager.

Lafayette, CA
We have not been in for very long, but so far my daughter is really enjoying the work and teachers. They are teaching her what I expected and they actually have her use a pencil and paper to write and edit. My 3rd grade daughter is now able to tell me what a noun, verb, adjective and verb is. I think having focused attention on her has helped a great deal.

Orinda, CA
My daughter loves going to Sylvan! She likes the games and fun aspect of learning!

Concord, CA
I feel like Ryan is already showing huge progress with math even after just her 1st month with the help she is getting at Sylvan. Thank you!

Hercules, CA
From registration with Karen and all the way to Nina to discuss my kid's progress, they were friendly not just to me but each time they see my son. They try to accommodate our schedules and my son's needs for skill gaps. I like how they continue giving me updates via text that there is a class for my son when it falls on school holidays as a reminder instead of me trying to contact them or when there is an event like halloween for kids to wear costumes if they want to on certain day, etc. For busy parents like me and aging, we need as much help we can for our kids so the reminders they send surely helps. With Covid, safety was their first concern. Anyone who enters, temp were taken and required to sanitized their hands and wear masks. The kids are placed separately which appears to be 6 ft physical distancing was observed and all wearing a mask except for the teachers sitting in the middle surrounded by tables where kids are learning or doing their work. It appears that they wear a mask if you as the parent are meeting up with one of the staff because it is more of a close contact.

Concord, CA
Custom designed tutoring to help my daughter achieve the goals she has for moving forward in schoolm