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26040 Detroit Rd. #4
Westlake, Ohio 44145
(440) 835-5050
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We have been very impressed with the level of professionalism and tutoring support provided for our high school son. We highly recommend this Sylvan for any student needing assistance with their learning. They offer all different types of services including test prep, organization, study skills, and more. They work with the school teachers as well.

The work the teachers are doing with my son is working and enjoys coming to Sylvan to learn!

Sylvan of Westlake did a great job of helping my son boost his scores - he worked hard and got a full-ride scholarship to Alabama, will be going there in the fall

Westlake, OH
The Director, Beth, is amazing. My child is much more confident in math because of this place and gets very good grades now. I love that I don't have to fight my child at home with math homework anymore. Math is now her favorite subject. Improvement does take time so don't expect an overnight change. Anyone who tells you different is lying. Highly recommend Sylvan.

My daughter has been attending Sylvan for tutoring in HS Geometry. She has had excellent tutors. She does work better in a one on one situation and even though it cost more, she definitely felt more confident. The director is very nice and very accommodating to your needs. We plan to continue with Sylvan in the following school year as math has been a difficult subject for my daughter for many years.

It a great place

The staff is extremely accommodating with our busy schedules. My child loves going to tutoring. Everyday he attends, his confidence towards reading grows.

The personalized attention my child receives, the staff is really great with meeting her where she is and working from there to where she needs to be.

Westlake, OH
Convenient and close to our home also very Staff friendly and knowledgeable. My children utilize the Center to improve their performance at school. My daughter is currently using the Center to bring up her grade in Calculus, so far in 1 month she has raised it 1 letter grade and working on raising it to the next letter grade. The Sylvan Learning Center really does help!!!!

Very individualized plan for my child. More small group attention

The flexibility the staff has had to fit my needs is wonderful since I have such a busy schedule and I feel like I am constantly rescheduling or shuffling dates and times around. The skills they are showing my son are skills that unfortunately are not something schools focus on anymore and in my situation, they may be skills severe lacking.

Great atmosphere and care about student learning.

The direction and encouragement given my child.

The teacher's ability to listen to what works best for the student!

Rocky River, OH
The curriculum is effective.

The receptionist was nice and understanding . I think my son learned a lot this summer . Thank you

Sylvan has helped my daughter achieve her gols

Westlake, OH
Their professionalism and friendly service.

WEstlake, OH
Wonderful, informed, insightful and pleasant--- would be only a few words I would use to describe Beth ... She made our experience the best I could have had .... You have a winner in her !!!! Your environment is clean and welcoming... It is safe and I really got a lot from our visit , not only this time , but all the prior times as well . Thank you so much!!!

Avon Lake, OH
I've seen marked improvement in my older son. I decided to enroll my younger one. I've shared Sylvan's success with many people and hope they see its advantages too.