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2020 Shipley Drive Unit 5A
Salisbury, MD 21801
(410) 572-2742
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My service rep is knowledgeable and professional! Thanks Terminix

The people are always thorough and friendly. They do a good job and are concerned about my service.

It's the technicians that work for terminix and service my house for pests. First of all, they all are so friendly and nice with great personalities. To me and my wife, it seems that each one gets better than the other. I don't know exactly how to explain it, but each time a technician came to our house in the past year, when they left my wife and I would say he was even better than the last one. Looking back, I think all of them were great including the salesman, the ones that inspected our house, the ones that treated our house, etc. I really can't say enough good things about them.

Technician arrives on time, explains the process and is very thorough.

There was nothing wrong with the inspector or the inspection however we were NOT given email notice in advance. The inspector did not make an advance call. It was just lucky that we were home.

Your people do their job well.

Goes quietly about his business and gets great results. On call if needed.

You are always on time. You listen to what we say about some bugs or spiders that are around and you do something about it. Thank you.

You are always punctual, concerned about the people who are here, pleasant and know what you are doing.

Jared always takes care of my home. As a former TMX employee for 7 years, a Presidents Club Winner and 2x AOE recipient, I believe in Terminix and I believe in the technicians. Thanks for what you do JD. Scotty M.

Would like to have had verbal communication with the technician while he was here but he performed his duties and just left. Maybe that’s the way it is done in these days of corona virus. My favorite thing that I always liked about your company (in the old days) was how personable your technicians were. Got spoiled I guess.

Great work by technician

Good communication. Very professional.

He was very friendly & knew his job well.

Your service is dependable and whenever we have an issue, it is quickly resolved!

Excellent work

Your guys did a good job.

Prompt professional service

Gave us text they were about to arrive. Checked me at proper distance that or if we had other problems to addres.