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My technician is very thorough.

Have been a very reliable pest control company for many years.

I have been a Capelouto client for years. I have been satisfied completely with the service provided. I particularly like one of your agents, Mike Thomas. He is professional, courteous and efficient.

George did a great job.

Good feedback from the tech

Always call ahead, always show up, always answer questions if we have them. Always leave a note about what they found

He always listens to and acts on our concerns.

Great service from Capelouto and Charles is so diligent

We love George

Capelouto is our service provider and has provided pest control service at my home for many years. When I came to work ten years ago, Capelouto was and is the service provider the CEO/Vice President chose to service the office. At one time we were having rat problems. Our office is a very old historic building and located near a restaurant. Capelouto got rid of the rats so fast. We have not had any problems since. Taz Henry is the Technician who services our office. I have to give him a shout out. He is professional, courteous and friendly. He takes his time doing his work. You are very fortunately to have him as an employee and ambassador for your company. Nora Herron Executive Administrative Assistant FOAA

Excellent, friendly, efficient service. Always on time, always there when we need them. Just a call away.

Grant is very courteous and always calls ahead to let me know when he’s coming. That way I can bring dogs inside and no hassles with them. Plus I know how long to keep them in until solutions are dry. And the neighbors appreciate the quiet (dogs not barking continuously). Grant also calls to tell me when he’s done and where paperwork will be.

I don't have any bugs or any pest in my house. THANK YOU!🤗🎊🎉

very satisfied with your work.

Our service guy, Wes, is great. He is always friendly and courteous and he goes above and beyond in making sure we have all our needs met. Plus, we are bug free!

Technician are great and dependable.

Mr. George Groot is my Pest Control inspector. I like him because he is very respectful of the inside as well as the outside of my home. He lets me know what he has done when he has completed the task every time. I do a little inspecting myself after the job is completed, and I’m satisfied each time! He always close my gate, locks it and places the key back where it belongs!! He also keeps my yard and garage free of those pesky mounds of ‘ants’! Mr. Groot is a very polite, kind and respectful gentleman. Capelouto is lucky to have him as part of their company.

Good people and good service.

Field technicians are courteous and friendly. They care about us and our pets to ensure the pesticides are properly applied and they address our every concern.

Our Capelouto service man is prompt, thorough, and friendly. No ant hills in our lawn! Highly recommend.