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186 Columbia Turnpike
Florham Park, NJ 07932
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Privacy, cleanliness, state-of-the-art technology in exercise equipment. My instructor was very personable and professional and explained their unique program well.

The loveliest staff. The cleanliness. And the fact that 20 min twice a week will bring me to my goals. SOLD

Very unique equipment. Personal attention and personal set up of equipment for you. Liked the staff and it is all around positive energy.

People are friendly and knowledgeable.

Small and personal.

My first free appointment was great. Nicole M. my trainer was knowledgeable, sweet and funny. facility was immaculate. I'm excited for my next session.

Very informative- friendly happy Nicole she was a doll. I was upset about my weight and she hugged me. You don’t get that kindness anywhere else. Nicole is extremely knowledgeable. It’s very clean especially the bathroom. Can’t wait to go back tomorrow

**The clear explanation and personalized interest rendered by the coaches. **The equipment is awesome...offering features and challenges totally unexpected, but motivating. ** The clean lines of the layout, enhancing focus and efficiency of the workout. ** The number and variety of scheduling/payment choices.. not too many, but enough.

The people were so friendly and encouraging. The machines are different than any other machines, even though they are basically the same machines you'd find in any other gym, the computerized screens that adjust to your individual settings and provide feedback on how you're doing are really different than anything I've seen before. The idea of a 20 minute workout is very appealing, and I could feel each group of muscles working very hard. I also could feel the effects of the cardio portion. The studio is very clean and bright. Unfortunately I decided that the distance I had to travel wouldn't really be conducive to me sticking to the routine, but if the facility was closer to where I live I would definitely give it a try. I also appreciated the fact that I didn't get a hard-core sales pitch when I was there for the two trial sessions.

It’s clean except use is quick but you feel the workout staff is fantastic !

1 on 1 attention; cleanliness; the quickness of the workout; the science behind the more efficient workouts.