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10028 Darnestown Road
Rockville, Maryland 20850
(314) 409-6061
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Recent Reviews:

N. Potomac, MD
It’s the most fun I’ve had working out in years. Fun music, trainers and atmosphere!

Rockville, MD
Great workout in minimal time

North Potomac, MD
I like the intensity of the workout.

Rockville, MD
I like how they’re organized into short sections and that they’re both challenging yet can still be modified to adjust to your needs!

Kensington, MD
The sense of community is so authentic, and the staff and trainers genuinely support and are invested in the members’ personal success.

Gaithersburg, MD
Starts on time Take time with my 5 year old Instructors know what they are doing The sign up process was painless Discounts were presented at sign up STAFF is Always Smiling when speaking with you.

Clarksburg, MD
I love the energy of Nana and the patience of Gerard They make working out, pushing myself and getting better every time possible.

Underhill, VT
It was different than other boxing classes I’ve taken. Instructor was straight forward and worked us hard. Already sore and can’t wait to go back this week!

Gaithersburg, MD
I absolutely love it! Never felt more powerful. Joining TITLE was the best decision I’ve made this year!!

N. Potomac, MD
I get a full body workout and I see improvement every time I workout. It's just amazing.

Rockville, MD
Everything!! I signed up in March 2019 and am hooked on boxing! I especially love Gerald's classes. Nana also is a great trainer that pushes you every class and makes you want to be better.

Rockville, MD
The trainers and the atmosphere.

Gaithersburg, MD
The staff is excellent. Everyone is friendly and non judgmental. I have a disability and it precludes me from doing some of the more strenuous workouts, however alternatives are always offered and demonstrated

Rockville, MD
Great workout and Nana made it fun!

Rockville, MD
I was talking with John (the GM) the other day about this and we were talking about how good a stress release hitting the heavy bag is. It may not make what is stressing you go away but you will forget about it for a little while, and get a good workout in at the same time. Besides the workout, it is the people that make TITLE a great place to go. The staff knows who you are and is always welcoming and the people who go to TITLE are friendly too. That plus a great workout keep me coming back.

Gaithersburg, MD
Great trainers, each one has his/her unique style. Title provides a fun workout and it's a great workout community. And it sure is fun to punch a bag! Great stress reliever!

Rockville, MD
I loved that the instructors have been very encouraging even though I’m a complete beginner. I like the variety of the workout that we focus on core at the end.

Good, but intensely tiring

N. Potomac, MD
It's a great & challenging workout

Germantown, MD
I like the variety of exercises mixed with boxing