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14765 Pearl Rd.
Strongsville, Ohio 14771
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Recent Reviews:

Brunswick, OH
It was challenging, but manageable. The teacher (Heather) was helpful, thorough in the explanations/demonstrations, and encouraging. I just had a lot of fun. I mean, I get to hit stuff...who can complain about that experience?! :)

Strongsville, OH
The overall workout experience with intense cardio plus core and strength. The multiple options to attend a class thoughout the day and week, in addition to the holidays.

Strongsville, OH
I like the flow and intesity of it. The instructor Julie was great.

Great environment!

Olmsted Township, OH
I really like how it is structured. First you start with a nice warmup that gets your heart rate going. Then you do all different kinds of boxing techniques ( some hard rounds, some easier rounds) and then you end with a ab workout which I think helps me catch my breath and gain my composure back while also working a part of my body. I really love the entire workout!

North Royalton, OH
All trainers r very helpful to new clients and very motivating to give u a good workout

All around great workout. Good variety. The trainer was motivating and very pleasant. She did a great job getting around to everyone in the class!

Middleburg Heights, OH
Heather was amazing! Super helpful, caring, and encouraging! Great class, loved it!

Strongsville, OH
Incredible full body workout. Great trainers and environment. Most addictive workout that I have ever experienced. #strongsvilleTBC

Like the atmosphere!

North Royalton, OH
I have had my oldest son there working out now for a few weeks, and he absolutely loves it. The instructors are very motivational and friendly. They do a great job at core training and developing a positive attitude.

Columbia Station, OH
Great cardio session.

I loved that our trainer, Julie, gave modifications for each movement during the warm ups and throughout the session. The music choice was well thought out and was in sync with the movements. Julie individually came up to my friend and I during the workouts and helped us with our form. She knew when to push us and when to give us breaks. I appreciated her attentiveness! The entire session was very motivating and I am very likely going to come in again soon!

Strongsville, OH
Heather is so wonderful! I’m glad I decided to join...

Strongsville, OH
Instructors are very motivating, good music, all around great workout.

It was a very challenging workout but lots of fun!!! I never once felt like when is this going to be over. I don't think I have ever enjoyed a workout that much

Middleburg Hts, OH
Awesome trainers! Awesome workouts!

Strongville, OH
It was a great workout. I learned many different punches and kicks. Instructor was patient with this being my first class and learning the punches and kicks. I can’t wait to return.

Hinkley, OH

Great stress reliever! Always an excellent workout. Never disappointed!