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538 Eglinton Ave W
Toronto, ON M5N 1B4
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May 21, 2019
Toronto, ON
May 18, 2019
Lynn Setlalepuo
Toronto, ON
I like the location of the school. My teacher was very nice to me and front desk. I like the point of adding an other skills.All is well. Thanks
May 17, 2019
Toronto, ON
Amazing school! Great teachers! will definitely recommend Toronto Arts Academy.
May 13, 2019
Toronto, ON
Very approachable and helpful staff, convenient schedule, great teachers!
May 13, 2019
Toronto, ON
They are very accomodating and they gives us some key points to help my child to progress in playing instruments and vocal lesson. They are very flexible in the schedule and ways to make learning fun and entertaining.
May 10, 2019
Jake Brenner
Toronto, ON
Very friendly, efficient and caring organization and staff. When my son Jake wanted to stop his lessons, they made every effort to keep him with the program. They even told us that he should advance to a higher drumming level, and they made sure to find him a spot with another drumming teacher who could support his needs. The staff call me all the time to find out how things are going. The service is incredible. Thank you Claudia Brenner
May 9, 2019
Toronto, ON
The staff is very accomodating and it feel you very welcome and they are very friendly
April 30, 2019
Toronto, ON
Friendly service
April 27, 2019
North York, ON
Your commitment & dedication.
April 24, 2019
Karl Demmans
Toronto, ON
The enthusiasm of the staff creates a welcoming atmosphere. I'm excited to go back each week to improve my singing technique. The lessons are very flexible, and they offer easy to attend make up sessions for those with a variable schedule. All in all, it's a fantastic place to learn.
April 13, 2019
Toronto, ON
Always responsive and considerate Good teachers
April 17, 2019
Sam Grayhurst
Toronto, ON
My son takes classes with Marshall. Loves learning piano and guitar. He has maintained his enthusiasm over time, which I understand is not so common among young children. I am sure it's due in large part to his teacher! I like that the Academy is so welcoming for kids of all ages. Also very flexible. Good communications with very friendly staff. Highly recommend!
April 12, 2019
Toronto, ON
Very friendly front desk team, professional teacher.
April 1, 2019
Toronto, ON
Customer service Teacher’s honesty and care for mg child
April 11, 2019
Toronto, ON
Arianna is a fantastic teacher and has helped me improve my singing voice and my confidence.
March 27, 2019
Toronto, ON
Staff are lovely, kind, enthusiastic , energetic and are very welcoming to anyone who walks through their doors. Our instructor Nico is very patient, kind and an excellent music teacher who offers lots of feedback. It is also great that the school offers make up classes.
March 12, 2019
Toronto, ON
awesome, all around!
March 20, 2019
Toronto, ON
The teachers are very professional and supportive. The vibe of the Academy is friendly. The services are prompt and attentive.
March 24, 2019
Toronto, ON
Amazing coaches and staff!
March 20, 2019
Maria Roxanne Maranan
Toronto, ON
I like the teachers and the welcoming attitude of the desk persons. I've learned to improve my confidence when singing. When I had my make-up class (I did piano lesson),I really enjoyed it. Although my fingers were not really cooperating when touching the keys lol, i learned something. Well, that something is a good start.