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Good pricing, quality products. I've also bought my last three bikes at Towpath. Above all friendly helpful as well as knowledgable staff. As well as expert advice, and the place is always in tip top shape to find anything I ever need.

Staff was very helpful and answered questions we didn't know we had.

Did a great job on bike maintenance, recommending new tires and chain as needed.

The most DTF staff around!

Excellent service! Knowledgable and friendly staff! I would highly recommend TOWPATH BIKE!!!

Staff is personable, friendly and responsive! I get my bike serviced and tuned up with them every year and they keep very good records so they always know what was done to my bike previously as well as what to do or look for. I highly recommend them! Staff is also very knowledgeable about all the accessories sold there as well.

This was my first real road bike and I felt kind of uncomfortable not knowing anything about bikes but the staff made me feel comfortable not knowing and made sure I got what I needed. They were super attentive even though it was busy :-) There was also a cute dog there and we became friends; it always makes me feel at home when there is a pup wandering around. I will definitely be back!

I remember buying my first mountain bike at Towpath when I was a teenager, interesting they only carry Trek products now, but that is top of the line biking. Had to get my tire fixed during this crazy pandemic when they were extremely backed up with most likely regular tune-ups for costumers. They fixed something I could've easily fixed myself but kept running into a flat tube after the third go around of new tubes, thinking maybe something was puncturing the tube from the inner tire? They called within five minutes saying it was done, fixing the tube and sealing tape for the tire itself. I remembered the owner from when I was just a boy and was glad to see them still doing well, I also recognized some other employees from way back as well which was nice to see. My name is Christopher Michael, 92' graduate from Pittsford Sutherland been living in San Diego last twenty years and happy to see the shop still going strong. Thanks Towpath!!!!

I was promptly and politely taken care of as soon as I came through the door. Service was excellent - good listening to determine needs and turnaround was so quick! Thank you!

Choices of women's clothing

Great customer service for someone who is new to cycling

I was listed to. Made adjustments for accessories per what I wanted. Took a chance on something we didn’t think would fit me ,and it did , and I bought it.

Friendly & good service.

You folks are always friendly, professional, and do the job well.

The depth of knowledge is outstanding. Advice that I can trust.

They serviced my 10 year old bike,and made it new again. The employees are friendly and very helpful and the service was completed in a reasonable amount of time.

Quick turnaround time. Friendly service. Great job!


Prompt and courteous service and great work!

Knowledgeable salespeople and excellent mechanics.