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The support you offer!

I feel like you truly care about my business and my success. Not that anyone in your office actually knows who I am, but you provide so many tools. Need vendor info? Rolodex! Need help? Call or email support. Have a venue question? The Facebook group. Want to learn more about a vendor? Check the portal. I bet Bonnie made a video! I had no idea when I joined the amount of resources you would provide. Even though it’s just me in my little home office plugging away, I have never once felt like I was in this alone or stuck.

When someone has a question you get right back to them.

I think travel quest has great opportunities and I can see them. The only issue I have is that the webinars are very poor quality and some of them it is easy for all of you to talk and be cheerful about your webinars but the meet of it it is not done properly. Webinars are way to fast and not focus, it is hard to see where the buttons are because the webinar very poor quality both visual and sound. These are not professional at all. Having said that, I think the potential is great, it is what I am looking for, but it takes lots of time to learn and get certified. There are many questions I have but I guess I have to get involved a lot more to be able to ask the questions. All of you have great information but it is not well conveyed to us new agents who truly want to get it done and start selling. I am not going to sell a ticket of any sort unless I know what to do and it is taking me a long time because it is not properly done.

Ease of use

I am a new agent but the training provided is plentiful, I have referred another agent to switch platforms

A lot of info. You are there to help us succeed. Thank you.

Whenever I have had a question or concern I am able to get a response pretty quickly. The amount of vendors that are available for our customers.

So easy to use and navigate!

Those I've had contact with have been very helpful. No one has been judgemental that I'm moving slow at getting up and running. Which is my doing, not Travel Quest's.

I’m very new, but so far there is a lot of help and I am pleased with the supplier selections, the access to training and the benefits of being an associate of Travel Leaders Network. The team at TQ seem to be available and willing to assist agents and contribute to their success.

easy to use

There is a lot of support and many wonderful vendors. I wish there was a better option for training beginners.

It’s very easy to use!!!

Great host to work for!

Family-type environment. Large enough to provide a high level of support to agents but small enough that you don't feel like you get lost in the shuffle.

Very personable and professional. Always have the information that I need. Great training opportunities.

I am just getting started, but your company has been extremely supportive. In addition, your resources are very organized, so I'm not wasting time looking for things.

Very easy to navigate. I know that therefore a million things I need to know and I haven’t had a difficult time getting answers or guidance.

I am very new to the business but the TQ staff is always so nice, helpful, & goes above & beyond when I call for assistance of any kind.