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1104 4th St
COEUR D' ALENE, ID 83814-1091
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Friendly staff and knowledgeable

Very knowledgeable staff! Easy to work with and willing to help even when when juggling the summer rush. It's nice to have my old Titus working better than ever!

The store staff. Are knowledgeable and helpful. My experience with bike stores is they are either snooty and only talk the bike lingo and pretty much only want to deal with Lifelong bikers...or they are actually friendly and accommodating ton all leveled of bikers. Most of the stores in Coeur d’Alene are the first. However, the Trek bike store Is the second...I have not once felt like I was a burden or bothering them. This is huge in the bike world! I recently had a bike service done at another store close to my office, but they were so pretentious, I went to the Trek store, had great service and bought three new bikes! Too bad for the other guys but attitude matters! Great job Trek!

Excellent quality along with knowledgeable and friendly staff.

I love your bikes!

Small town hospitality and World Class Product & Experience Based Knowledge! Made in 'Merica! Nuff said!

An exceedingly superior bicycle store. Eager, enthusiastic salespeople. Very accommodating, and not in a "sugary" phony way. Genuine.

Fair prices and a can do attitude

I really appreciated the thoroughness, expertise, and patience of Carrie and Thomas while guiding me in my purchase of a 2020 Trek Checkpoint SL5 gravel bike. After 4 or 5 test rides on the 2020 vs the new 2021, as well as rides on both 56 and 58 cm sized bikes, not to mention a change in seat stem size, we got the size and feel just right! Also, a very pleasing store layout, clean, organized, uncramped. Again, thanks to a dedicated, knowledgeable and patient staff.

Service was quick and courteous.

You guys were great! Reasonable prices and I’m so thankful that Thomas helped me adjust my bike seat for riding more comfortably.

Knowledge and courtesy, of course you pay for that . Products are pricey yet a necessity

The service technicians are very good and helpful.

Commitment to products even after sale has been made

My tires & rims got stolen on my Trek. took it to CDA trek then moved and left to work outta state. These guys kept it for a year before I got back to pick it up. The professional attitude they carry is amazing. I was really embarrassed I left my bike there so long. Thank you guys so much for being beyond professional!!

Staff very friendly and willing to help and listen. Didn't pressure me to buy the most expensive item of which I was looking for. Just had a level 2 tune up on my trek. Looks brand new! Thankful for the education and the expertise of the employees! I will be back!

Your salesman - Justin - was extremely knowledgeable, engaged, and made me feel like a welcomed member of the cycling family. He spent time answering all of my questions about the bike and accessories (never once making me feel inferior for not already knowing) yet he never pressured me to make a purchase - only saying that they would be there when I decided what I needed for my style of riding. The specific bike I wanted was in stock (rare). The selection of products - including clothing and accessories - seems all-encompassing and are quality brands. I am a fan of Trek bikes as I have owned a mountain bike (in the 90s) and a triathlon bike (early 2000s) and I can't imagine another bike "fitting" me the way a Trek does. This was one of the BEST buying experiences of my life!

We loved everything about the Couer d Alene store

Very helpful staff member...purchased two bikes for kids and he was very patient which made the experience great

Bought the Allant7S 7S Stagger bike, VERY FUN! GREAT quality, so far, so FUN!