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Recent Reviews:

Improve our lawn at reasonable expense.

On 5/29 our specialist, Joseph Robitaille did a great job with the service. He was very thorough.

The wonderful people you hire....polite, knowledgeable and professional.....I have been a client for 20 years....thank you!

While I am happy with the lawn service, I have a comment regarding Covid 19 practices. When I went to my front door just to see if the application was complete, the technician unexpectedly came up my front steps to my screen door. He was not wearing a mask. He then stepped back off the steps, and spoke with me. At no time should an employee go to a customer's entrance unless they are wearing a mask. I've been strictly practicing physical distancing, and am now concerned about my possible exposure.

The results!

Service folks are very knowledgeable and always will take time to explain what they did to make our lawn look great.


My wife and I would like to commend TruGreen on the incredible fast response in treating our Violets with an additional application . We believe that this additional treatment right on the heals of the original application will help eliminate this pesky weed from our lawn.

Margo was out to complete our mosquito service and she was awesome.... friendly, and quick. I'm hoping the service is effective for the mosquitos.

In years past I have always relied on your services for our lawn but we unfortunately had to cut back this year due to the cost and myself not working. We decided to continue with the mosquito applications and added in tree and shrub as we have many arborvitaes and flowering bushes in the yard that could use some tlc. Rob Haight came to do the application while I was home and was very knowledgeable and took the time to explain what is best to keep them healthy and flowering and keep the insects and mosquitoes away. Your people are outstanding in what they do and I appreciate the services they provide.

My lawn is looking better than it has in years!

The TruGreen specialists that come to our house to service our lawn are polite, professional and open to answering any questions we ask about the product being put down. These specialists know how to take care of your lawn. Money well spent.

Our Specialist, James Whalen came by today 5/19 for a mosquito spray and he is always very careful and does a great job. I appreciate the thoroughness of the work.

This is the third time I have emailed True Green. While we enjoyed your service for the past years, we no longer own the property at 102 Lakeside Drive in Monson, MA 01057. We sold our house in March 2020. We will not, therefore, be paying for services which we DID NOT REQUEST NOR APPROVE ANY RENEWAL. Thank you for your past service.

Until the most recent service, products and technicians have been thorough, friendly, considerate and clear in communication. What I don't like... my most recent service of 13-May-20 at 50 Prospect Street in South Hadley, MA. I called TruGreen the day before the service asking for Technician to apply ground ivy control along with the standard 2nd treatment of the TruBasic Lawn program. When Technician #107846 arrived on 13-May-20, he assured me that he was aware of the "add-on" request for ground ivy service and said he would take care of it. In the 20 minutes the Technician was on-site, he only applied fertilizer. From prior experience I know that ground ivy control requires spray treatment and uses certain chemicals. The Technician did NOT appear to spray anything on the property before or after broadcast spreading the fertilizer. This was corroborated in that the service slip did not indicate any ground ivy chemical application, and ground ivy did not wilt in the several days following the service. I'm unhappy that the Technician left me with the impression that ground ivy would be taken care of this visit, yet did nothing to take care of it! On another note, Technician did not use any broadcast spreader guard to shield large patio and walkway from receiving fertilizer pellets. This caused heavy concentration of pellets all over said patio and walkway and required 1 hr of hosing down to remove. Further, I found a freshly snuffed cigarette butt on the treated turf well away from traffic areas, suggesting that the Technician disposed of this without regard or consideration to property. Due to the three lapses in professionalism above, I do NOT want Technician # 107846 to ever perform lawn service on this property again. I will be following up this complaint with a phone call, as well as a request for ground ivy special service.

My service person for this last application, Robert Graham, branch 5855 was a pleasure to work with. I approached him with several questions, and he patiently answered all of them to my approval. Robert was extremely knowledgeable , and I am hoping he is assigned to my property in the future. Robert represents your Company well.

We have the best looking lawn in the neighborhood thanks to TruGreen

You,re doing fine to solve my lawn problem

The weeds are GONE!!

On time. Thorough job. Easy to work with.